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  1. Hi there, If you really want to counter acne through any Diet Plans try "Raw Food Diet Plan" which is similar to Cave Regimen, but involves more of fresh fruits and vegetables. I know of a person who completely was acne proof for the period he was on Raw Food. http://bit.ly/MCbYb8
  2. Now that you have used a lot of conventional methods of using creams and lotions try natural alternate therapies like natural oil. Tamanu Oil is now become very popular for Acne , scars and treating redness. Scientific studies have shown that they work on all skins and can be easily absorbed. Apply Tamanu oil for 4- 6 weeks regularly without any other chemical creams. Also you can use aloe vera in combination with tamanu oil for general face wash.Check out more about Tamanu oil http://bit.l
  3. As per my experience your Acne Scars are not that prominent! You can live with them ). But as a personal advice Try Tamanu oil for 6- 9 weeks. These red marks will definitely go what to talk about the scars themselves. I have tried it and got good results from scars which were more ugly than these.Check more details. [b]http://tinyurl.com/9dloweo
  4. Good to see that you are getting positive results with Tamanu oil for scars . I have been looking for case studies myself where people have really got some results from Tamanu oil. Just bit curious , how much time it takes to heal the scars using Tamanu oil? http://organicfoodshealth.com/blog/tamanu-oil-for-scars-acne-scars-and-stretch-marks
  5. You can as well try Tamanu oil for acne. Because tamanu oil has been lately popularized a lot for Acne and scar treatment. Maybe it will cool off your heat