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  1. Lizenus, I would change the title of your post. It's not catchy enough -- and people need to read what you're writing because it's the simple truth. This is what's going to cure your acne.
  2. I did a quick search for hypertrophic chest scars. I found this gem, I think I'm going to try it.
  3. congrats on the confidence boost how does it feel to be "normal" again? anyway, just letting you know that you still have an avid follower of your progress here.
  4. appreciate the updates and keep em coming! you know, it's so easy to just neglect coming back sometimes...
  5. lol, every person is different. do YOU break out when you eat dumplings? also, its not about the food but more about what ingredients are in the food. isolate the ingredients that seem to make your acne worse. if dumplings break you out, then is it the skin on the outside, or the meat on the inside? or maybe the oil used to fry it in (if its a potsticker)?
  6. i did caveman for about two months. my verdict? don't do it. i ended up with horribly flaking skin and just huge, oily layers of dead skin on my face that i still can't really wash off properly. it doesn't make sense not to wash your face at all. but what DOES make sense, and what i currently practice, is a minimal skincare routine. i wash my face with water once a day, and maybe every other day wash it with a very minimal cleanser (trader joes cleanser). this helps because going overboard w
  7. Here's a controversial probiotic source: someone else's feces. look up fecal transplants
  8. i agree with the above. veggie fruit smoothies are the last foods you should be worried about. unless you get tangible symptoms like stomach pains after drinking them... then don't stress over it.
  9. Hey there, just curious for any updates on your latest procedure. Did you end up getting any improvements? Thanks for the feedback, as always.
  10. i can't answer the pillow question but i have personally never heard of this concern from previous subcision patients. AFAIK the best way to prevent retethering is to use a subcision-suction method the next time you perform it or to get temporary fillers after the procedure. sleeping on your face seems quite trivial in comparison... can you give us a % improvement that you feel you got? ultimately, do you feel better about yourself?
  11. what's the verdict on your latest treatment? did it end up improving anything? appreciate the feedback... that is until you stop giving it to us...
  12. Yes it seems like we're stuck between a rock and a hard place, eh? how are you planning to approach your acne from here?
  13. just to be clear, that's a face transplant. taking a donor's face and putting it on someone else. it's a completely different beast from scar treatment.
  14. Nice, I can definitely see the improvements. The temples look dramatically different and the cheeks look better. thanks for the updates dude
  15. if i were you i would just follow the recommended guide lines given by carlson. unless the source you heard from has actual credentials in nutrition sciences.