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  1. I personally didn't like it, because it looked cakey on my skin. I liked the Maybelline Pure liquid foundation quite a bit. (most liquid foundations are such a pain though and that was the only drawback) You should try it, I think I just have a heavy hand when it comes to applying.
  2. Well, taz has cleared me up enough not to be embarrassed by zits...but now my skin is very rough and almost aged from being on it. The worst part is my oily skin makes it look ten times worse. I almost think my skin looks "used and abused", so to speak. Is there any kind of cleanser or moisterizer that would help with the poor skin texture caused by acne treatments? Please help, my self esteem is worse now than when I had a bunch of pimples.
  3. Definitely wait it out. I've been on taz since July and my skin is to the point where I don't worry about it and that was my goal. I hated having to put on makeup and feel self conscious. But now, I have almost perfect skin, and everything is going great. So hang in there!
  4. This is a good combo to be on. Of course, you will be hating it till about week 11 or so. But it's SO worth it. I was on week 11 and I was breaking out pretty badly till last week and now, besides redmarks, my skin is actually looking really nice. Earlier this week, I even went to work with just a little bit of concealer instead of a bunch of makeup. Trust me, second to accutane, you are on the best regimen possible. Good luck.
  5. Hang in there...I am past the 12 week mark with tazorac which is a little stronger than what you are using..and I am still not completely clear. But my skin is getting SO much better. Just have patience.
  6. Oh no! Don't say that! You are really beautiful and kudos to you for going barefaced. I just started Taz about a month ago. My face looks like majorly nasty right now, so reading your log has given me some ray of light.
  7. Right now I'm using Jergen's Natural Glow for Face and I'm liking it a lot. It's very subtle, but it's not breaking me out and the smell is kind of nice.
  8. I'm trying to find the best way to use both sunless tanner on my face and still be able to use acne treatments without my "tan" fading. For example, if you use BP...would you put it on first, then put the sunless tanner over it?
  9. My derm classifed my acne as moderate. Not mild to moderate..just moderate. Yours is not nearly as bad as mine was, so I would put you somewhere inbetween making you mild to moderate. I'm betting that on a good day, with makeup, your skin looks very nice. Am I right?
  10. Those don't look like scars, maybe some hyperpigmentation from popping. That should be easily covered by makeup. When I think of acne scars, I think of indentions.
  11. I've wondered about this too. On the internet, you can find conflicting information about this. Some websites say that it takes four weeks, some say six weeks, etc. I am pretty sure that it only takes me a month not six weeks. So it's hard to say.
  12. I've been using tea tree oil since late december and it's helped me signifigantly. So I would say go for it. It's best to mix it with the aloe vera gel rather than put it on straight. Plus have a good moisterizer or it will dry the hell out your face. But be patient and you will see results.
  13. My husband says he doesn't see anything wrong with my face, but he is just being nice. I know this because he sometimes stares at zits. I know that he gets frustrated when I bitch about acne. He told me that "if I just don't do anything at all, it will go away". He doesn't understand acne because he doesn't have to deal with it.
  14. If you are going to use a self tanner but don't want to make it obvious, you need to use one that gradually "tans" you. I am using Coppertone Gradual Tan every few nights. It's pretty much foolproof, just slap it on before bedtime and you wake up with a little color. (I don't like to look really dark just a hint of color, so it works for me.) It's pretty brown, not orange. I'm probably going to buy a facial gradual tanner too because I'm scared to put this on my face. Hope you find a tanner that