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  1. Such a Beauty , everything done has definetly been showing up !! I've heard Niacinamide cream is great too for the day time.
  2. I had also thought this would be a good reference.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UqZ2WCINnE I'm not too convinced on silicone being the best filler but this young lady has gotten great improvement from her additive juvederm and I know you had been wanting to try that... just thought this would be of use somehow.. also her videos are great she has done micro needling and has her whole diary of videos to her progress!!! It's really incredible if you haven't taken a look, I'd recommend. Y
  3. another good review https://www.realself.com/review/beverly-hills-microneedling-prp-acne-scars-anti-aging?tags=3502&sortBy=created&offset=10# I highly recommend skimming through this website !!! Idk if there are anymore like them but if there is it would be great to make a list of them for future reference
  4. I thought I'd leave this link micro needling acne scars before and after - YouTube I also thought to leave the con.. in regards to this one I do believe the lady went to the wrong person to get the procedure done and in the hands of a qualified professional things may have turned out better for her.... hmm.. I assume others can help put in their input along with their own experiences!!:D https://www.realself.com/review/netherlands-nl-dermapen-microneedling-ruined-skin#comment-4627043
  5. Oh, Honey, Juvederm Volumna I heard is great, its your best bet for 1-year-18months! https://www.realself.com/review/sumter-sc-voluma-after-laser-treatments check out this these women got a great effect. https://www.realself.com/review/torquay-uk-acne-scars-treatment-filler-acne-scars On, the note of suctioning devices , theres this member named robertio on here who has some pretty good experience. I think he said that it was the Chinese suctioning cups for massaging that you can find on ama
  6. That's great!! How do you feel about doing both procedures? It would seem logical for the 3rd one to be more intense and then let the skin heal for a good 6 months- year to let collagen remodel. With the derma pen it will allow wounding around the site of untethering where the scars are thus promoting new blood vessel capillaries for healing around the section of subsicion;making the area more even, as the site matures after a certain period of time when the fibroblasts come in and collagen st
  7. Are you going ahead with suctioning this time? That aspect where the scars seem better in the morning happens to me also!! There has to be a scientific explanation for this phenomenon! Hope You heal well:)))
  8. No problem!! haha compared to my novel, I think your good. Yeh, I want to get treatment for my acne scars but have gone on accutane 2wice and will be ending this 2nd round in december. It's recommended that I wait 6 months-1year before scar treatment but to be safe I'm thinking 2 years. lolss my acne was actually medically induced when I was misprescribed the wrong birth control but I was supposed to notice a purge in the begging and I thought it was okay but it ended up not even clearing up a
  9. Oh my!!! Your absolutley gorgeous hun!! besides that fact I hope that things go well with your procedure in the next comming days:) I hope that your courage grows as things get better. I pray for you, things can be tough , you deserve to be happy. Regarding relationships, you are truly beautiful and no abuse is warranted an such on any persons not matter the state of mind so my only advice is to keeping moving forward!! We all get down sometimes and it is the role of our loved ones to help each
  10. Wow your actually very stunning your eyes and eyebrows are very adorning to your face and it doesn't look like you have rolling scars . But, I can understand how you might feel insecure about it . I would say that try to take things a little more light-hearted .. maybe give the other people the benefit of the doubt . They are your boyfriends friends and in conclusion have somewhat the same temperament and way of thinking so in turn they probably accept you regardless of your condition.
  11. Sometimes I feel like dying and other days I feel life is a blessing.. it seems when I am more positive and take care of my body and present myself well, I am better off and when I'm more negative, things are the opposite so .. there could be a correlation with that. I get compliments on how I dress and when I am "groomed".. so that is a plus so if we can't have satisfaction in our looks we can find ways to present ourselves well through fashion or style. To this day nobody has said anything ab
  12. Good Luck!!! Did Dr. Rullan show you any before and afters? lol yes he is right in the corner of the united states...haha I hope either one you choose works out ! Is there a specific procedure you want to try from dr. rahimi? lol yes!!! dude the irony of having to plan out time to fix our face when all this acne came unexpected!! Anyways I'm sure you'll find a way for work. Everyone says that dr. rullan is an expert did you feel him very confident in his knowledge? the other thing i wa