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  1. I am on month 3 and a half of accutane and get clear until I cinsume soy or whey protein in any form, does anybody else have this issue? do yuo guys thing acccutane will cure this??
  2. anybody on accutane around week 7 or anywhere in course who can talk??
  3. Hey everybody, is there anybody on week 7 of accutane or around week 7 that can talk about how they are doing through the course? I'm on week 7, 40 mg a day for first month and 60 for second month, I may be bumped to 80 for the rest, please message back! Thanks
  4. Week 7 on accutane, finally starting to see results.FOR ALL THOSE WHO PICK ESPECIALLY WHILE ON ACCUTANE, don't!!! You will scar really easily I ONLY pick gently if it's a large white head. I was in 40 mg a day for first month then 60 mg until now
  5. To all those who feel bad about there skin, I can relate. But I find the best way to make myself feel better is to think about how blessed I am. I think about how acne is just a cosmetic issue while there are bigger issues out there such as poverty. Those issues make a few imperfections on ones face seem like nothing
  6. Have you guys experienced a return of oily skin post accutane or has it subsided?