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  1. omg i have the EXACT same problem. the core of the cyst is still inside im pretty sure and its bright red for 2 years and a bump too. its dormant too. :( i have no idea how to get rid of it..
  2. DCgirl, thank you soooo much for sharing your experience. I was wondering if you tried the TCA + dermastamp on hypertrophic scars? I have some of those raised scars too Thanks alot
  3. I have the same problem as you And i'm nearing the end of my 6 month course so I am really concerned as well. There have no new breakouts however for the past 6 months..
  4. lol yes same progress as you D: doctor put me on 2 more months :/
  5. well honestly there has been like no change at all good or bad i dont know what to think :/ how about you?
  6. yes im on accutane too, im ending my 3rd month with no signs of those stubborn ones disappearing so your derm said they will definitely go away huh?
  7. i have those dormant cysts as well that are just sticking around with no change..:/ how old are yours?
  8. my hair was falling a lot too this past month its thinner than before I told my derm and he just brushed it off saying it would "stabilise" over time
  9. wow that's great!! honestly that's really good progress for less than 1 month and on low dose if you are still getting new ones do you think it is the IB? are the new ones smaller and less severe atleast? i think it's smart you're starting on a low dose because i didn't and 1st month my side effects were really badd, there was back pain, blurry vision, head aches, coughs, even hair loss! my derm said i'm on a high dose (for my weight) apparently so i should be done in 4 months according to h
  10. dang the IB must be tough but I think the new ones go away a lot faster too, did your derm say she'll keep you on low dose throughout or increase it gradually? wow andrew, congrats on almost being clear!! that must feel great!! but don't worry about the red marks, they always go away just take some time and keep moisturising, and if you really wanna hurry them up, maybe you should try some homemade remedies lol those do help
  11. hey waseem. hang in there and remember that in a few months it'l be all over and you'll be clear! i know its hard, im going through it too, everyday you keep thinking, when is it going to get better and when will i finally wake up and not worry about my skin anymore!
  12. @waseem and andrew: i haven't had any new breakouts! (hope i didnt jinx it lol) but the old ones aren't going away either :/ my derm says to be patient and that it's only been 2 months lol how is it going for you guys so far??
  13. nice improvement!! do you have any spots left?