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  1. Shirtisred

    Nothing Horrible smell Does absolutely nothing positive to my face The horrible egg smell ... I do not recommend ANYTHING from Proactiv.
  2. Shirtisred

    Light weight Little smell Works like a charm Makes face a little oily When I wake up in the morning, my face is a bit oily. Nevertheless this is an overall great product.
  3. Shirtisred

    Cleans skin very nicely Nothing This is a very good product.
  4. Shirtisred

    Removes a minuscule amount of acne Causes extreme dryness and stiffness of the face even with the use of moisturizer Burns for a while Smells awful Multiple steps make it very tedious This product was horrid. After the first couple of days it started clearing out a little bit of acne. Then it got progressively worse. I started breaking out more and my face was extremely dry and stiff. It was to the point where it felt like I injected it with botox.
    Works eventually Very easy Dries face w/o moisterizer Expensive Breaks you out at first I use the CeraVe cleanser, apply the product, and then use the CeraVe PM moisterizer. Epiduo is made to break you out first, and then clear you up. On the first couple days of use, I've noticed my redness going down. After about a week I could see more pimples showing up. Now it's slowly removing them entirely.