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  1. I kind of suspect the topicals to but i'm afraid that if i don't use them as often i will start breaking out again I feel like my skin is raw sometimes its very sensitive. I have an appointment with my derm on Wednesday ill ask her to what she thinks. Thanks guys
  2. I have some pretty bad scarring and tons of redness on my face. I had a severe breakout last year which resulted in an infection. After i got the infection cleared up i was left with horrible scars. Anyways i've had alot of redness since this whole ordeal but now as my face is starting to clear up i still have tons of redness even where i haven't broke out in weeks. I hate my face its so disgusting to look at I would be so happy if i could just calm the redness down a little at the least. Cu
  3. I think a good plan would to wash your face in the morning with your cleanser. Then when you get home from the gym wash off your face gently with some warm water and at night wash again with your cleanser then apply your differin. I would think washing more then 3 times a day would irritate your skin but everyone's different.
  4. I hardly use and epiduo when just a very small amount on like 2 or 3 pimples. and ive been using the differin for around 8 months with no issues i always put on moisturizer after using both to. My whole body is starting to feel warm now to. should i maybe skip tonights antibiotic to see if it helps? also after i took it this morning i had a weird taste in my mouth and and saliva was really thick ive never had that happen either. My dermatologist is suppose to call me back tomorrow morning.
  5. Yes sorry forgot to add that. I have been using differin 0.3% at night for about 8 months and epiduo every other morning since i started the antibiotics. Also i wash my face morning and night with cerave gentle foaming cleanser and use cerave moisturizer morning and night along with a 30spf suncreen for during the day.
  6. I have been on Monodox 100mg twice a day for a little over a month now. I'm about a week into my second month and my face has been feeling hot and looks a lot more red lately. The redness gets really bad when i exercise or do any kind of physical activity. I had no problems my first month and my acne is 80% better. Do you think the antibiotics could be causing this?
  7. I haven't i feel like its been a little worse and it gets even worse when i exercise and start to break a sweat. I'm on antibiotics right now i'm not sure if that might be causing some of it but it has been there even before i was on the antibiotics. I am very gentle with my skin and only use mild cleansers and i don't ever go out during the day to avoid the sun. I'm going to ask my derm again at our next follow up. Let me know if you figure out whats causing it
  8. My face looks just like yours but worse i have some really bad scars and i still have a little active acne but my face is SO red everywhere even where i havent broke out in months its really anoying and makes my overall acne/face look worse. Has anything helped my derm said it's inflamed but its been like this for months i use a cerave gentle cleanser morning and night along with differin at night time. I also use cerave moisturizer and a sunscreen during the day and avoid the sun.
  9. I have some pretty bad Acne scars along with some mild to moderate acne right now, My face is usually pretty red even though i never let the direct sun see my skin for more then a couple minutes. I use a 30 spf moisturizer every morning But today i was working in the sun quite a bit and now my face just feels warm and looks a little more red then normal, i just washed my face and applied my differin and moisturizer for the night like usual and there's no stinging it just feels warm. Did i get a
  10. I just started taking milk thistle aswell as cutting down on grain products and im going through a big breakout like you mentioned. Ive got some pretty big under the skin ones in odd places i never breakout in. How has your initial breakout improved are you still taking it?
  11. Your skin looks normal... I still haven't seen a thread that's worse or as bad as my acne/scars . Try some bp 2.5% wash and see if you can get prescribed the topical Differin i think it used to work really well when i had very mild acne.
  12. Have you been using moisturizer on your face while using the differin? A few years ago when i first started using differin i never use to use a moisturizer and my face would get dry and feel i would fell like i would be having a hot flash like you described. Just a thought
  13. I still do not know how and why my face got so bad in these pictures i posted on the first page i can't even look at them. Right now I'm doing Smooth beam laser treatment i just finished my 3rd treatment on Wednesday. I'm not sure if I've noticed any difference yet because my face is so unpredictable one say ill have maybe 3 or 4 small ones around my face then 2 or 3 days later ill just break out all over. Also I've noticed that my right side of my face is always worse i also have acne on my sho
  14. Can you specify the results of the culture? As in, what culture it is. my Dermatologist said some name I can't remember but I can ask the next time I see her in feb.
  15. I recently went through a really bad breakout/infection that lasted about 4 months it's now another 3 or so months later and my face was left completely scarred. The majority of my scarring is on my cheeks and under and along my jaw line they both have a lot of redness and some indented scars. I have noticed that my scars have been fading over the past few months but it is still pretty bad. I'm so tired of avoiding people and not wanting to go certain places, so this last visit with my Dermato