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  1. Hey!! So how are you?? I am doing great, little bit flaky! My skin has a very red look to it as if i have a sunburn. The only thing bothering me at the moment is i've been having neck pain that comes and go's. Definitly breaking out pretty bad, but oddly it's not upsetting me too much cause it's like I know it's working. My blackheads seem to be more at the surface then before. Only about 18 weeks to go! What dose are you on and how long is your course?? Looking forward to hearing ab
  2. So took my first pill today!! Wooohoooo! That price is absolutely outrageous, I can't believe you have to pay that much! I am sooooo sorry to tell you that I have blue cross and blue shield and payed $15.00 for my prescription and about $25.00 for the labs!
  3. I will be chronicling my accutane journey here for the next 5 months! Tomorrow morning i will be taking my first dose of clavaris and i'm mildly terrified! Kristen xx
  4. Hello all, So picked up my prescription tonight...yikes!! Clavaris 60 mg a day for 5 months! You know you've made the right decision when 2 weeks ago a random guy working at a convenient store asks you "what's was wrong with your face" (Dead serious. Who says that??) That was an all time low for me! Really hammered in the fact that it's pretty bad!! I really apreciate all the tips from everyone! I'll check back tomorrow after I take my first pill. Kristen xx
  5. Hey there, So I picked up my prescription today!! Were you able to get yours? Since i have to take it twice a day at breakfast and dinner i've decided to wait til tomorrow to start proper. I am nervous, excited and a bit scared. Main concern is how much worse it's going to get before it gets better...uggggh! Also I kind of stink at remembering to take pills. I will be taking clavaris 60 mg a day for 5 months. I hope it worked out for you and we'll be starting at the same time! Let me kn
  6. Best of luck Lisa with your course, please keep me posted of your progress!! I'll be sure to do the same
  7. Whatthekell, Sg86 & BodyandSoul. I am sooo thankful for your encouragement, as this was a hard decision to make. I know it's the best thing but still so scary! To have people to share my experience with, who are going through the same thing, at the same time is quite special. Considering I am the only 31 year old women with cystic acne that I know (LOL)!!! Had my first labs done tuesday have not heard anything yet and at this point my biggest fear is that Doc is going to call me and say "
  8. Hello all I got the go ahead this morning from my derm to start accutane in Sept. Recieved my !pledge booklet got my # and had my first lab (including pregnancy test) today. I guess my question is what do I need as far as products in my accutane survival kit of sorts. Cetaphil cleanser and moistuizer seem to be popular?? Lip balm?? Shampoo & Conditioner?? Vitamins?? What can I expect?? Don't know the dosage yet. Details- Name: Kristen Age-31 Have had acne since I was about 22 yrs