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  1. From the album: I can't believe what a difference this past month has ma

    Well i think im on the road to succes...i hope there will be no bumps along the way:(. That would suck...not having such a great day today:( a few new zits bcuz i slept at friends house and didnt do cleansing..my bad
  2. Cubos: My msn : [email protected], you can add me if you have it:)
  3. Cubos: Aww thank-you! I only wish I could visit England. Its not TOO far from russia eh? haha. What part of England are you from? xox Svetlana
  4. DeathtoAcne7: yeah thanks alot. The cleanser is working pretty good so far so im happy:). I have one zit at the moment..YAY and my cheeks feel smooth, something i have'nt felt in like a year! So yeah thanks again for your comment, ill keep ya posted:) xoSvetlana
  5. yeah looks like its leaving? aww you are sooo cute! how old are you? xoSvetlana
  6. thanks for all the comments guys! I am new to this, and everything is good so far. Yeah this pic isnt too close up..thank goodness because if it was you would see that i don't have the smoothest skin on my cheeks. However, the cleanser that I am using is working so far. My mom says that there is not soo much redness if any at all left..and I am not getting and big ugly zits. Thank goodness. david H: Thanks Nick: Also thanks for the comment, I dont love this pic but i will upload some othe
  7. Svetlana


    AWWW you are soo cute..your skin will clear up dont worry..it looks like your only problems are your chin and forehead..you're lucky your cheeks are soo smooth:)
  8. you are very good looking.nice kind of puppy dog eyes lol...yeah your skin looks good other than the dryness...im sure a drem can get you something to help with that
  9. aww thank-you Robert...I just wish that my skin was baby-butt smooth!
  10. Yeah i have, i have some friends there. friends of the family. Well yeah my acne needs to leave! I dont feel beautiful with it!!!
  11. where from? My mom was born in Siberia, my dad in Ukraine and me in Moldova
  12. Yes I am 100% Russian. Born there. Currently in Canada.
  13. From the album: Moi

    Hey guys! I'm new, I just stumbled across this site and its really helpful. Usually all I see is perfect people on the net. It's a nice change to see some normal ppl. Well as you can see, I have a very uneven skin tone. I usually get painful zits in random places on my face. It sucks. I am using Vichy Norma-Derm right now, its a 3 step cleansing system. I will post the results in 2 weeks. Talk to you all later;)
  14. Svetlana


    Me and some friends in some
  15. Svetlana


    how old are you? do you have msn? write back.....wow you're gorgeous
  16. Svetlana

    Whole face

    WOW beautiful eyes and eyebrows...for real!!!! you have nothing to worry about...you;re a guy...acne is not as noticable when you are as good looking as you are! i hope you older than 17! do you have e-mail? write back ..
  17. Svetlana

    May 2004

    yeah i have to agree with most ppl on here and say: you are one good looking fella! Just a few questions: how old are you? where are you from? g/f? e-mail? all this is obviously optional but from the pic and comment you seem like a nice guy to talk to lol...anyways please reply. Svetlana
  18. Svetlana

    Left Side

    to : ENTER THE DRAGON lol i wanna make out...j/k but you look like a very goodlooking guy ...e-mail? msn? hook me up..we'll chat...who knows?
  19. hey yeah i want to post a pic but i dont think that anyone will think i have bad acne but it still bothers me. just the little things,. i would love to be able to say that i have NO ACNE WHATSOEVER you know ? anyways i thought id comment because you are pretty good looking BUT not only that, also that i feel like i can relate to you because me acne is not severe. well good luck on this site, i also just stumbled upon it.