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  1. Just buy Dans 8oz BP treatment from amazon.com... its great. With shipping it comes to about £17, which isnt all that much. Its also really good and much better purity than quinoderm or panoxyl imho (i've tried all 3).
  2. Thanks for your replies. Since posting this it has been restocked, thank goodness. @ Londoncat8 - ??? its nowhere near the same price for 8oz BP amazon.com + shipping = £16.81 amazon.co.uk + shipping = £39.80 ... also, its a private reseller from amazon.co.uk.. so not really legit.
  3. Thanks for the reply but I dont think you understand me. I'm saying... the acne.org BP treatment is no longer available at Amazon.com. When will it become available... or should i just order it from this (acne.org) site now, and not bother waiting for it to get restocked over at Amazon? I like ordering it from Amazon as the shipping to the UK is somehow cheaper. EDIT: By the looks of things, there are a few acne.org products that need restocking.
  4. Hi, I just went to reorder the 8oz BP treatment at Amazon and found out that its unavailable. Just wondered if you knew when it would be restocked... or if it would be better for me to just order from acne.org directly? Thanks
  5. I'm a guy and recommend that you just talk to him about your concerns. Get everything out in to the open (literally). I'm sure he'd hate to feel that you are anxious about anything and just wants you to be comfortable around him.
  6. ^^^ have you tried bottled water, rather than tap water?
  7. ^^^ good luck. I tried this about a year ago and was fine for the first 4/5 days.. my skin improved massively, but then started to get bumps under the skin and within a week broke out terribly.
  8. Definitely with you on this, 1000%. I doubt he'd be able to sell the BP in Europe, (as it is banned without a subscription).. but I'd love to try his other products. The shipping costs mean i have to try other brands instead... which may not have actually been any good for me. Its only through a lot of trial & error (and self education) that I've found store brands which work (although i still use his BP)
  9. I wouldn't say it's the last resort... and It doesn't really take very long to do once you get the hang of it.. and its side effects (drying) tends to subside after a few weeks/months (at least for most people). I do have really sensitive skin (allergic to lots of things like perfume, lanolin, sodium lauryl sulphate) so have to wash with cold water only... but the BP & moisturiser is fine. Personally it has been a godsend. Wish i'd started it years ago. My skin is clear and looks really rea
  10. I only keep a spare in the fridge... to store it. The one that is opened and in use, i keep in the bathroom. Once the one in the bathroom runs out, i take the one in the fridge and use that, moving it to the bathroom. I then go online and order another tube from amazon.. so i always have an extra tube spare, just in case there's a delay in delivery or something (i'm from the UK). As i said earlier... i'm not sure if i need to store my spare in the fridge... but it makes sense to me and
  11. You might want to try reducing the quantity of BP, rather than just stopping suddenly. See how it goes over the course of a few months. Some people do grow out of acne... so you might be one of the few lucky ones. Personally, the regimen is now so much a part of my daily routine, that i don't find it a hassle... and i always remember what i was like pre-dans regimen... and don't ever want to go back to that.
  12. Its great stuff. Best BP i've used. Goes on smoothly which means you can be very gentle. Takes a while to soak in, but that only helps you to see how much you've put on and whether you've missed any areas. I always leave a spare tube in the fridge, just to keep it fresh for when i start using it. Not sure if you need to do this, but makes sense to me.
  13. God i hope he doesn't... a lot of people (about 1 in 15, myself included) suffer side effects from using antibiotics. Something like Duac really needs to be prescribed by a doctor, so they can monitor things.
  14. It shouldn't break you out at all.... but if you are concerned, try it on a small area of your skin to begin with.
  15. My skin was similar to yours i think. I now just splash twice with room temp water in the shower, no cleanser... but still follow the other parts of the regimen (BP & Moisturizer). My skin is much more 'normal' now. The cleanser was definitely over drying my skin (and i tried loads of different ones) and messing with oil production.I didnt get any purging (as I'm stil using BP i guess), and it was a simple transition to make. I'm now 100% clear.