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  1. Has anyone used the Alpha Hydrox brand- 12% Glycolic acid in a souflee form? Did you like it better than Dan's? Did it make marks appear lighter faster or texture more even? What are your thoughts in general? My indentations are red and ugly from BP and I need some ideas! Thanks!
  2. 1. lighten and soften up red, indented scars (boxcar-they are small and shallow)? 2. will it make a big difference over time? 3. will the AHA still help even if I keep applying BP?
  3. Yes, the AHA is more liquid-y than the BP, that is completely normal:) There are no hard and fast rules about the amount of AHA you should use. I either use a thin finger's length like Dan suggests, or a dime size dollop. Good luck!
  4. Hearing positive results from regular AHA users gives me a little hope that things will get better, so thanks. Do you still use BP twice a day? If you only use it once a day, could you describe how you started using less (like did you apply less product, or did you just apply it once a day)? I am trying to figure out the best way to lower my BP use without wreaking havoc on my face.
  5. 17 weeks and clear! Working on marks now!

  6. HI Maybemonday...I think I am going to keep using AHA for now. Some days when I wake up my marks look lighter and other days they look more red. I have only been using it for 3 weeks in varying techniques, so I haven't really given it enough time/been consistent enough to determine if it's going to work or not. But I need all the help I can get with marks and texture so this is what I am trying for the last few days: In the AM using Dan's cleanser and no BP (I stayed clear for years on only 1
  7. I hear you, Clambak. People always say go to doctors, but I don't trust them because a Dr is what got me into the mess I am in, now.I NEVER had major skin problems until I went to a Dermatologist for clogged pores and he told me to stop using BP and start using retin-A (I was a loyal proactiv user for years). When I went back and told him I was getting cystic acne he wanted to put me on Antibiotics. He actually caused the problem and then wanted to ruin my digestive tract, to boot! For the next
  8. I also have olive skin and am dealing with the exact same thing. I was wondering if I should try to use BP only once a day to see if that helps. I have been on the regimen for 4 months as well and it has cleared my cystic acne but now have red and indented marks that seem to be getting worse with AHA. I have only been using AHA for three weeks and am mixing it with moisturizer some days and other days using it alone. I am hoping with time it will improve my marks and texture but I don't know wha
  9. Week 16 and no active cysts!

  10. Thanks for your reply. I am currently using the complete regimen.
  11. Please do not mention Accutane, antibiotics or Derms, please just answer my questions to follow (not being nasty; I just have tried all I can and for other health reasons, I can't do antibiotics or Accutane and I AM ONLY OPEN TO REGIMEN/AHA advise) Thank you... Anyone with CYSTIC ACNE (please only answer if you have cystic acne) use Dan's AHA? 1. Did it help or hurt your cystic acne? Please describe how you used it. 2. After BP alone? 3. AHA mixed in with moisurizer? 4. On top of moist
  12. 14 weeks today and a huge cyst to celebrate!

    1. AyeAye


      Happy Cyst-day to youuuuuuu, Happy Cyst-day to youuuuuuu....

      Hip Hip....Boooooooo! :(

  13. I have to agree with Rush25, I use Neutrogena healthy skin foundation and have since I have been doing the regimen (3 months) and it works great over Dan's products, doesn't break me out and provides good coverage. Mineral makeups only make dry skin look worse and Bismuth Oxycloride can clog pores, make you itch and irritate your skin even further. Before using Neutrogena, I was using Loreal Bare Minerals foundation and quit because it was causing a lot more problems. Good luck!
  14. Will this ever get any easier?!