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  1. I personally would give it away for free and i bet many of you think im full of dookie but seriously i know how depressing acne can be and i truly would want to help. plus im already a billionaire lol jk
  2. Most dermatologists really do care and want to help and those that dont are few and far between. The reason it seems like a scam is because it didn't really work for you but dermatologists dont make extra money when the products dont work and many sincerely care for their patients and plus their jobs depend on it.
  3. Uhh.... it might have something to do with the climate but more importantly check your diet and the effectiveness of the topicals which is more likely the culprit.
  4. Beef Jerky is tasty but kinda expensive tho =)
  5. umm do u have any scientific evidence to support this? lol i dont want to completely shun it because i try to be open minded but this is really funny
  6. sounds great like green gables said you should try eliminating dairy and sugar and cold water splashes would be great and you might want to try the water only treatment it might work wonders for you
  7. alcohol can break you out because of gluten and other toxins
  8. thank you very much for your post. this is extremely encouraging and i will continue to not use any topicals and hopefully it works out =)
  9. Thanks for the quick reply but i really cant afford to exfoliate because i dont want to damage my skin anymore than it is now
  10. That sucks but you'll bounce back just take the diet/holistic approach which has helped me a lot or topicals can be extremely helpful too
  11. I've been doing the water only treatment for the past two weeks and dead skin has been accumulating on face and i've read from this post http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/303211-my-cure-for-acne/ that its a sign of my face healing and i was wondering if this is true because i know i've done a lot of damage to my facial skin and would be extremely glad if this was true. I really dont want to seem like a naive fool but i dont want to go around with a bunch of dead skin on face eithe
  12. thanks i am goin to get some zinc from walgreens lol im thinkin 50 mg