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  1. I joined this forum years ago.... i used to be like some of you guys, always down on myself. I have not been back to this website for about 2 years! The reason? One day i told myself i would not let my skin get to me, it was hard at first... to accept myself..... i could have sought treatments i guess, but i didn't have the money... Unfortunately, in today's day and age society has become very materialistic to the point of being ridiculous. This is all in everybody's heads. It is not true. W
  2. Putting on weight to improve your scars? What a farken moron. Australian doctors are idiots.
  3. Hi, I've been using this product for 2 weeks. I am also on minocycline aswell as retin-a. I never buy products such as this because i always figure they'd break me out or not work. I figured stuff it, i'll buy it. I hAven't had a breakout since starting using it, where as i had breakouts previously. It can at times be drying, so you may need to moisturize. Anyway, just wondering if other people use it or have heard of it. Cheers, bernie
  4. Dr Phillipa Mccafrey in EdgeCliff, Sydney does Skin Needling. She is considered a leader in the field down here. Number to here surgery is: 9328 7111
  5. Of course there are... 90% of people who have success will not return.
  6. Of course there is hope. You are one of the few who return and tell us of this hope. People must understand that the successes of acne scar treatments will very rarely be told. People do not want to remember these times, they want to escape them. Congratulations on your success, and i thank you for returning to share it. Have a great life.
  7. Yeah, i've been on mino 18 months now, and to this day i sometimes get some real wierd mood swings which i know are due to the medicine. Being acne free is worth it.
  8. Think of the effort you just went to to try and show that extremely minimal scarring. Then think about the fact that people who do not have acne scars will not notice anything on your face. Even for someone like me who notices acne scarring quite easily, i found it difficult to spot on your face, it's barely there. You really need to focus on other parts of your life. Your skin is near perfect.
  9. I've actually tested this theory. I stopped lifting weights for 2 months. I was totally clear. I've been back into it again for about 6 months non stop and i am breaking out here and there. For me i know that working out causes some extra acne. I avoid all supplements now though, as i'm sure they would break me out badly. To have a good body is just worth it for me, the extra acne i can live with.
  10. From discussions on this board many seem to agree that moist healing is important to a scar healing nicely. Is your scar red or actually depressed? Purchase a good moisturizer and keep the skin moist.
  11. I really had to look hard to see any scarring, i did notice a few very small indents on your right cheek, but do realise you are pointing a camera at very close range to the area. A normal person would not notice any scarring at all on your face. Be careful with being too obsessive about your skin, it may turn out worse then it looks now. You look fine.
  12. bern


    Also keep in mind successful scar treatment stories would mostly not be posted. They would be happy with results and want to move on with their lives, i'm sure there are many of these cases.
  13. Surely you could have posted this in a thread started already? I wish people would move on from 302, back onto topics like dermabrasion, subsicision, tca, needling!