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  1. CeruleanCity

    My Dermatologist Visit

    zpak is just slang term for azithromycin since it's commonly dispensed in packs of 6 tablets with the typical instructions of taking 2 tablets by mouth stat, then 1 tablet daily thereafter. azithromycin is the generic. brand name is zithromax. the only times I've been prescribed a zpak was when I was sick with a cough. zpaks in my experience have been prescribed typically for bacterial infections. it can be used for skin infections so perhaps you may see results? it's the standard antibiotic
  2. CeruleanCity

    Finding The Regimen, And 1 Week In.

    yay! I'm glad you're seeing results. As for the dryness, I had the same experience. I literally slathered my face with a super duper heavy moisturizing cream every night before bed until my skin began to tolerate the BP on its own.
  3. CeruleanCity

    How Do I Cope With This?

    Besides medication, you need to understand that you shouldn't let acne dictate your life. It's easier said than done. I know because I've been there. During my worst breakouts I still lived my life and made friends who I am forever grateful for. Never once did they see my acne and judge me for it. I hope you never run into anyone who judges you because of your breakouts. If they do, they're not worth your time. You don't need toxic people like that in your life. For the longest time, I coul
  4. CeruleanCity

    Struggling With The Regimen

    wow half a pump? that's actually a lot to start off with x: I personally started with a pea sized amount so my skin could adjust.
  5. my experience with their products and service were less than stellar to put it kindly. you can read about it here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/blog/6473/entry-25712-michael-todd-true-organics-skincare-review-updates/ glad it worked out for you but again, I'm suspicious about your experience since your account was made on the following date: jennyb33Member Since 11 Jun 2014 OFFLINE Last Active Jun 11 2014 05:43 AM if you had a bit more of a background/reputation to support your claims I
  6. CeruleanCity

    Day 10

    even though you're struggling with your skin, I'm happy that you have such a supportive boyfriend. I use to be in denial about my boyfriend's comments. I didn't think anyone could see past my dumb breakouts. it took sometime to be convinced but he never let me wallow in my own self pity.
  7. CeruleanCity

    My 1 Year Mark On The Regimen! I'm Clear :d

    thankyou! yep, all the ice pick scars faded while I was using products from the regimen. the issue I had dealing with scarring was that my breakouts just wouldn't quit so even though my scars would fade, new ones would take their place. when my breakouts finally stopped that's when my skin finally was able to recover. it was a slow process but obviously worthwhile in my case. I do have one small scar that's only really visible to me since I see my own bare face everyday. no one would notice it
  8. CeruleanCity

    My 1 Year Mark On The Regimen! I'm Clear :d

    I'm getting a bit too old to look cute ahahah thanks though thankyou! so glad my skin has worked out well with the BP
  9. CeruleanCity

    Hopless But Still Continuing The Regimen

    o__O;; what... my skin's clear and I've been drowning it with BP and moisturizer. I also wear makeup on a daily basis. does that make you cringe? ^__^ anyway @ patienceisviture - maybe BP just doesn't mesh well with your skin :l it happens. I know one of my friends who can't handle BP but salicylic acid works wonderfully for her. at least you tried! you know your skin better than any of us so you should stop if you know it's really not getting any better. the crummy thing is about a lot of acn
  10. CeruleanCity

    The Regimen... Ha

    holy eff it's one thing to be skeptical but labeling this line as a scam? calm down. click to see my results. at least give sometime for the skincare routine to kick in before you go smack talking it. proactive did NOTHING for my skin and it's one of the most hyped products to clear your skin. quit using the regimen if it doesn't tickle your fancy but don't discourage others from even trying it with your lack of experience.
  11. CeruleanCity

    My 1 Year Mark On The Regimen! I'm Clear :d

    What? her skin is full of icepick scars (Unfortunately) how are you not seeing this? hate to burst your bubble but that was in my "before" picture. I have 1 ice pick scar on my forehead as I'm typing and it can only be seen in certain lightnings with a microscope. thanks guys
  12. CeruleanCity

    Day 17 Of Regimen

    I cleared up pretty rapidly too! about 2 or so weeks as well. AHA+ dries me out so I'm still too scared to incorporate it into my skincare routine D;
  13. CeruleanCity

    Can Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Cause Acne?

    I think chocolate casuing acne is a myth in all honesty. I've had chocolate bars for breakfast (because I'm an adult and I can do whatever I want D;) with no reactions. like the previous comment above mine, unless you're allergic or consuming such an excess amount you should be alright.
  14. CeruleanCity

    Birth Control And Acne

    ask your derm or doctor asap x: everyone's experience will be different unfortunately :l personally for me, trinessa worked well but turned me into a fat crazy person. seriously hormones are intense. I got switch to lutera and that kept me sane but it didn't help with my acne which was the reason I was on BC in the first place.
  15. CeruleanCity

    Acne Has Taken My Life

    as of now I'm 22 years old and if you really want advice then understand this - stop caring about what RANDOM people at school think. are you really going to let them hold you back? I know it's easier said than done but looking back myself, I wish I knew not to care. I would've been a lot happier I can tell you that. why would you want to get a girl anyway? you're 15 - enjoy your life with minimal commitments lols holy crap I sound old saying that. point being - you'll have MANY oppo