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  1. i'm on week 4 and just suffered one of the biggest pimple outbreaks. As for weight loss, i don't know how this happens to people, just eat and workout and taking supplements. I hope this stuff works because im losing hope. The outbreak was so bad....i was always afraid ppl were lookin at me...
  2. They have 500mg pills because they make you take 20 pills
  3. hmm...that has 300 pills per bottle. If i take 20 a day...thats only 15 days worth...meaning that i'd be spending 80 bucks per month? Isn't that overpriced???
  4. i ordered vitamin b-5 (http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/hp/panto.html ) they are 1000mg each. Is this a good place to get the pills? I take MegaMen from GNC ( http://www.gnc.com/productDetails.aspx?&MS...=170222〈=en ) is that a good combo to get the comblex B in? i'm trying to get some improvement in 2 weeks, is that possible? Thanks.