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  1. A few people have said I'd benefit from subcision. I have shallow acne scars and they bother me. I also have bad skin texture. I'm scared about surgery and so I'm wondering if anyone has had this and what it did for them? I'm thinking about Erbium laser resurfacing... Thank you.
  2. I agree w/ Marvin, make damn sure that it matches, and don't wear it while working out or in gym class or anything. Only when you need to. Practice applying it at home. The whole makeup/gay thing is ignorant as hell, and way over rated. I would never make fun of someone who wants to help their self confidence. I'd never make fun of gay people either, mind you. Nowadays, a lot more guys wear makeup than you think. I'm not saying every guy does, but you know what I mean! No matter what, ABOVE A
  3. You know what sucks? If you have good skin already, and only need to even out surface texture then makeup is for you. You'd probably look amazing. One thing I've found is that if you actually need it, or need more of it, it won't look as nice. Weird huh? LOL If you've got already decent skin, makeup will make it look even better and looks natural. I wouldn't recommend it just because it's very likely to cause more acne. That said, beautifully clear, natural skin is damn hard to fake. No mat
  4. I wouldn't recommend any of the "men's" makeup lines in particular. The shades are probably terrible, and obviously very limited. It's makeup. It's still makeup if it says for men on it, so go with a better brand. I agree MAC would be a good choice, not because of famous men who wear it, but for the choices in foundation shades. I find wearing foundation makes me so much better, (obviously the goal lol) it's just amazing how different someone can look when you don't see huge pores or red mark
  5. Hi, I'm on Accutane (unfortunately) and I pretty much get to wear whatever I want cause I won't break out, but, I can't blend! It looks terrible because of my dry, dry skin. My derm tells me the dryness tapers off, but I need to cover in the meantime. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  6. No, it's more of a treatment. Isopropyl alcohol is #1 on the ingredient list, so that will definitely contribute to the drying aspect. Burning, too. By the way, their beta serum starts at 3% SA, so it might not be a good choice for you...given that 2% dries you out badly.
  7. Thanks guys! wow, 3 1/2 months after...I'd never do something like dermabrasion that soon. I'd wait at least 6 That said, I have waited my 6, but I keep reading all this stuff like it's best to wait a year or more, etc. I'll talk it over with my derm, he says 6 months is fine, but I was still nervous.
  8. hi! For those who've been on/are on Accutane, how long did you/plan to wait until you go ahead with any corrective procedures? (chemical peels, ipl, laser, etc) Some derms say 6 months to a year, some say as much as two years. Has anyone just waited the 6 months? I want to hurry up and get some things done because I'm afraid of a relapse.
  9. Has anyone here had IPL w/ Levulan? Supposedly amazing for pores, and I've even read that it's like Accutane without side effects because of it's act on the oil glands. I'd appreciate anything you can tell me!
  10. Hi! I know I probably should have done a board search, but I was wondering if anyone has had TCA peels, for their skin texture and what have you. And also, if anyone has had success w/ TCA CROSS. (Dermatologist or doc performed) I have some slight atrophic acne scarring, and large pores. Thanks so much guys!