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  1. it doesnt pop just stuff comes out. It is already back after the next day. Should i see a top dermatologist or jstthe doctor.?
  2. OK well i have had minimal acne all my life. Occasional zit on the face but i have minor bacne and it's not horrid or anything. Awhile back i'd say 8 months ago i noticed a bigger like whitehead(it might be pastule) It is just one and is near my shoulderblade on the back near my armpit I was wondering what this is and if it is acne. It is definietely bigger then a whitehead and i popped it and it was a dry puss that came out. What should i do about this it was poppeda while ago and i didn'
  3. I have tried. The Regimen for months cleared some, but still got breakouts. proactive tertracyline with retin-a b5. b5 has been the latest but i stopped using it casue i was getting happy. I might conitnue taking it 5 pills 3x a day (500mg pills) along with a multi/b-complex. Can somebody recomend me a good soap bar for shower/face also a moisturizer. Also i got alot of little red dots on the face and was wondering how to get rid of them Thanks Links to item to buy would be great. Zac
  4. doing 20 b5 pills aday (10grams) taking a multivitamin (gnc megamen) Now i need to take a b complex i hear. How many should i take and dosage (per day/how much)
  5. My minor acne (red dots) Few whiteheads Has been like this for years with tyring regimen/proactive/some prescription. B5 to me is smaking a slight improvement and i can tell im glad. Its very expensive though. Did anybody find a deal online anywhere? I am using vitamin shoppes panotheonic acid (b5) 500 mg. taking 5 of them 3x a day at 6'0 175. ANy suggestions for where to buy more, how much to take and any other precautions to take. Oh btw at a party we were taking a lot of pictures an
  6. I''m thinking of going to my local dermatoligst. What can i get there to cure my mild acne on the face and back/shoulder. My face doesnt really have any big pimples its more of like red marks left over and i have been through 2 bottles of regiment without improvement. Ive tried proactiv and something an old dermatoligst prescribed. I dont want accutane but is there any kind of surgeries or anything to finally get rid of it? Money isnt to big of an option and i believe insurance might help p
  7. OH yea one other i just noticed! the zit on my forehead is somewhat red but it is underneath the skin and it fucking hurts! Never had one of these before and ive hild none-minor acne for about 1.5-2 years now. 18 this month. Any idea how that one came along?
  8. Im going to make sure im doing it right. I only have trouble area on my cheeks. well ig ot 1 on my forehead today. Is it best to do 1 cheek at a time? like 1/2 finger for 1cheek 1/2 finger for other cheek So wait till 1 cheek dries then hit the next?
  9. Im almost done with my 1st bp tube, ordered another and got it. Im also changing soaps and moisturizers. IM changing cetaphil to sensis sensitive skin (2 bars) and from this olay moisturizer to currel. Drugstore.com also sent me a vitamin wash bar. I was wondering if i should use the vitamin bar and wash my back extra good with it. I cant afford to put bp on my back/shoulders. Any ideas. Regimen is starting to kick in and its great. Had a few 2 zits pop up today though but other than th
  10. how many fingers of bp and moisturizer? what kind of moisturizer?
  11. on around day 15. Same red marks i guess. Get maybe a whitehead a week, but its minor. Using cetaphil wash bp gel olay moisturizer ordered some sensis soap (Dans recomendation) and currel. Not any big improvements yet. I do it 2x a day no moisturizer at night. I wet face with warm water and create lather and spread along no longer than 10 seconds rinse. Wait 10 mins Apply bp 1 full finger in morning (redmarks/zits only appear on cheek area both sides) Moisturize 10-15 min Later Drink a
  12. I have some bacne just a few big zits. Its really gross how can i get rid of those asap. Oh also i looked at my chest today and there is like little prickles or somethign. There not zits, never had whiteheads and are very very small. is this some other kind of thing Please tell me its not acne