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  1. I haven't posted here in months. Glad to see that there's more than like 3 ppl doing this now lol. I'm going to start this again. More so for the other effects rather than a solution to acne as I feel it never really affected me. Day 1 One Love
  2. You gotta wait at least a month to see if this works. Quitting after 2 weeks would be foolish. Day 3.
  3. So as long as I stay off the shakes and supplements, I should be okay to start weight-lifting? Haven't done weights in a few years and I'd perfect skin then but I'm making it my mission to get fit and a bit bulked too but I'm cautious as I'm slowly starting to get my skin under control... Cheers.
  4. So I have decided to enjoy it one last time (yeah lol) before I try and abstain properly....I'm one of those people where I can only do something if I start with a proper structure, and for this situation it has to be at the start of a new year....so yeah I am going to try and start this off tomorrow on December 31st and try for a month and keep improving. I know I can definitely last a few months as I've done it before and it was easy, very easy after the first month....this is going to be hard
  5. So I'm 18 and I try to eat as good as possible but it's hard when you're living away from home (College) and money isn't free flowing...about a month or so ago I decided to start taking supplements. Atm I'm taking a Multi-Vitamin, Zinc and Fish Oil. I have noticed it's having all round positive effects but I feel it's not enough as I still break out. Now I'm not relying on supplements to get me clear, jeez no...check my sig. if you want to know my treatment.... So yeah my question is what are
  6. I've been breaking out bad along my jawline but I think it's after calming down now and the capsule-cream combo seems to be working away at them....will update in a few.
  7. Day 1, here we go again! Merry Christmas everyone
  8. I had planned to restart this in the new year and aim to quit masturbating completely but I think I might just start now...especially since I'm breaking out more than normal. Worth a go I guess! Day 0
  9. Okay so I've been off antibiotics since the last time I posted....the supplements I've been taking are having some positive effect but I'm breaking out still. Sometimes they're pretty bad....and yeah it's getting me down a fair bit....so yeah just got another box of antibiotics and got Differin CREAM there, they said it'll do the same as the gel.... So yep, now this is what I'm taking: Tetralysal Multivitamin Zinc Fish Oil EPO (almost gone) and the Differin.... Let's see how it g
  10. Stopped taking the antibiotic two weeks ago and have started to break out again...nothing too severe yet but yeah, think I'm going to get another prescription for tetralysal. I'm still using differin as there is still some left in the tube.... I've started taking supplements too....a multivitamin, zinc, fish oil ans EPO....hopefully they'll have positive effects.