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  1. It's Day 10 and all I can think is UGHH, the dryness!! First it was my lips and eyes, now it's my entire face. The creases around my nose really hurt too for some reason. They aren't dry but they sting (?) I am moisturizing in the morning and wearing a light night cream that claims it doubles skin moisture for 8 hours. I can't imagine how dry I would be without that stuff! I have started to use aquaphor almost everywhere now. Around my nose, over my eyebrows, on my lips, and in other random spo
  2. Are the scars you're referring to either indented or raised? If not, they're probably just red marks from prior acne (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, if you wanna look it up). I've got that pretty bad, too. It sucks looking like you have acne in places you don't, but it's certainly favorable to having legit scarring in the long run, which usually requires expensive cosmetic work for significant improvement as clearly_dreaming mentioned. PIH most always fades with time. There's a subforum he
  3. So, I finally popped my first accutane ever!! I can't wait to just see my face in the mirror. I have had acne for so long, that I don't even remember what I looked like with smooth, un-blemished skin. And I hate that! The really bad stuff started in 6th grade for me, and now I'm 20, so I bet I look way different, but I can't look beyond my acne to see myself. I know I have a problem with putting too much emphasis on that part of myself, but I can't seem to get over it. I often wonder if other
  4. So, my prescription will be ready tomorrow in the afternoon. I'm scared because tomorrow at close is my deadline! The pharmacy said a ton of people have been filling prescriptions for accutane, and they ran out. Boo! I refuse to wait 30 more days!!
  5. Wow! Thats quite expensive! I'm in New Zealand. With the public health system a months supply is only $3 for me! I am on 30mg/day as well! Update me if you see any improvements/ side effects! I feel like that 30mg is quite low, for me! I'm 174cm and like 65kgs. Also a lot of people are on like 80mg/day! I hope it doesn't take too long before start seeing an improvement! - Janelle Thank you for the tip! I am also prone to nose bleeds, and my doctor suggested medicinal nasal rinses about ev
  6. So, I can pick up my prescription tomorrow, provided that my dermatologist actually does his part of iPledge, but he promised he was very good at what he does. Here is a sentence I NEVER thought I would say in my life: I'm actually sad that my skin has gotten so much better in the last few days. I say that because I feel like I won't really get the full transformation effect that I believe accutane could give me. I almost wish my acne was really awful when I started so I could take pictures and