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  1. After I went to a dermatologist they put me on chemical peels while I still broke out. I never had bad acne I just wanted it to go away the dermatologist made it worse. I've had marks for a year it is the most annoying thing wearing makeup. How bad are they? My new dermatologist said they will go away I've been going to him since October idk if theirs been much improvement I don't break out anymore. I'm so jealous of everyone with clear skin seems like I'm the only one w a face like this
  2. Thanks so much for the positive comments makes me feel like my skin isn't all that bad I just want them gone my patience is running out with them!
  3. I have red marks all over and around 8 indented scars I go to a dermatologist he says they will go away on their own. I do not break out at all anymore. Will they ever go away and how bad is it? My foundation covers the redness very well it's just the indents are horrible for my confidence
  4. I have no clue. I did it 1 each week for 2 weeks an I might just be crazy but my spots don't look as dark
  5. Is this a good idea? I read it is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them. If so how many times a week would I exfoliate with baking soda and water? I currently use cetaphil wash , epiduo and aczone I just want this marks gone! I hate wearing foundation everyday and still feeling uglt
  6. Thanks for that. I do wear makeup and lots of that's the only time I like my skin but when the makeup comes off I hate it. My dermatologist said they will go away they just need to leave. I have been going to a derm for 6 months they have definitely improved. I have no more spots on my jawline anymore but any slight breakout I get it leaves marks. Good luck to you all
  7. My acne is gone now I'm left with these dark marks all over my cheeks. I can't even look in the mirror. I've started tanning I think their getting darker so I've been covering my face w the towel. My dermatologist has me on epiduo and aczone too which has heled fade them a little since October when I first started going. I can't stand these marks anymore
  8. My dermatologist said the marks will go away and I don't really need chemical peel. U can barely tell I have marks when I have my foundation on which is everyday. I'm just sick of wearing foundation I want these marks gone
  9. Ahhhh help! They seem to be clearing. Will they ever go away? I'm sick of wearing foundation every day
  10. My dermatologist gave me all the same thing and it has worked miracles I've been using all the products for 4 months my marks are fading wonderfully. I had the marks for over a year too. I had a bad breakout last week but it is healing good. Good luck to you
  11. My dermatologist told me if you don't moisturize your skin it will get dry and cause my breakouts and breakouts to be worse than before I honestly don't know lol I think it helps with both
  12. I went to a dermatologist and got cetaphil oil face wash and cetaphil oil moisturizer. Then they gave me aczone to put on morning and night and epiduo to put on at night. Wash and moisturize face twice a day and my dark marks have faded almost 100% in 3 months. No more breakouts at all! Dark marks are very light. This stuff has worked miracles, I'm starting to love my skin. I had them for 8 months finally went to a dermatologist and 3 months of using these products their almost gone!!
  13. Omg yes! I tired clinique acne solutions and it worked at first, then I started to get painful cyst probably two weeks after I was clear. It sucks! It spent so much money on it and it failed me. Smh I have been using it for 4 months! Now I am getting painful cysts which I have never gotten before! I think I need to stop using it