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  1. Hi, I'm using benzaclin(clindamycin phosphate and bp) which has cleared up my mild acne but has not done anything for those. I keep convincing myself that my body will just dissolve it on it's own or one day it will just come out and be ready to extract and so far it's been an uphill battle. I think at this point I will just keep treating it with the tea tree oil and keep using the benzaclin as usual. I'm also doing manuka honey masks; hopefully I will see an improvement in a month. If I don't s
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I've already tried using the icing method and ibuprofen but they really do nothing. I don't have any inflammation unless I mess with it and this seems to go down overnight. The ice and ibuprofen seem to work at only reducing inflammation/redness but like i said its flat unless I mess with it. The ziit method seems to work only on new cysts that are barely forming. I'm looking for something that will get rid of it completely. I'm not looking for an overnight miracle bu
  3. Hi all! For a few months now I have been dealing with these 2 cyst/clogged pores on my inner cheek(close to my nose) For the most part, I'm pretty clear, just a few tiny clogged pores and some left over hyperpigmentation but these stubborn bumps have been haunting me for MONTHS. When I say months, I mean..3, 4 months? It started out as clogged pores from what I can remember, however I did the mistake of wanting to take them all out, so I went ape shi** on my skin, thinking that I was doing good
  4. I want to take the time and thank you all for taking the time out of your day to write these encouraging and truthful words. After much thought and contemplation, I did not end up going to vegas with my friend, but only because I had a midterm on monday and I knew I couldn't pass it if I went(truth) before I realized this I had dug into my closet and gotten out a couple dresses because I was determined to not let my acne ruin another event. However, I did end up going out that night for drinks w
  5. I know what you mean. For the longest time I've kept telling myself, it'll get better and when it does i'll be able to go out and enjoy myself like I did before. But truth be told I don't know when it will get better, and my life is just passing me by and I'm missing out on the best years of my life due to this, and I hate it. In fact I know some girls who will be going to who's skin is a lot worse than mine is, full on acne, and I feel guilty for thinking mine is just as bad when I know it isn'
  6. Hello all, this is more of a rant, considering that this is the emotional and psychological effects of acne forum, I thought I'd share my thoughts. This week I was invited to vegas for my best friends 22nd birthday. Having acne to some degree it always impacts my mood and will to go out and enjoy myself. I don't think my acne is as bad as I personally perceive it, but I can't help but to think otherwise. About a year ago when I had ad good skin, going out was never a problem, trips, spending th
  7. I know how you feel, like I really do. About a year ago I made the worst mistake I could have made, got on birth control. I never thought twice, so I took them, not being prepared for the breakout I was in for. I broke out everywhere. Before on BC, my skin was pretty clear, I had the odd pimple usually on my forehead, nothing that concerned me or stressed me out. This year I turned 21 and it has been by far the most depressing year of my life. Here in the states 21 is the legal drinking age, so
  8. Finally! Someone that has the same kind of breakouts I get. While this doesn't happen a lot, these are the kind I always get, 80% of the time. I know what you mean by not being able to understand or describe them. They're sometimes hard, and under the skin, can't really see them, but once I tilt my head up a certain light, you can see the shadow, and you can definitely feel them if I run my fingers across my face, sometimes I'll have to push a bit with my finger tips because I can't feel them ot
  9. Hi ladies, Like many of you I had a very hard time getting my skin back to normal after BC. I'd like to talk about my skin before BC, during and after. I got on ortho tri cyclen lo in June of 2012. I mainly got on it to keep my very mild breakouts under control. By mild I mean 2-3 a month. Now, many of you are thinking 2-3? Really? Yes. Here's the thing, whenever I broke out, it wasn't a simply whitehead. It was those deep under the skin pimples, or cysts as some call it. They would take FOREV
  10. Consistent use of 10% salicylic acid every other day for about a month improved my clogged pores significantly. I suggest the 20% BHA or 40% lactic peels because they work a little faster. Thank you for this, where would I go about buying these? Drugstore, online? Thanks for the info. I've tried extracting these little suckers myself and they usually come out, I keep thinking they'll just go away by themselves since I really hate squeezing these out because they require quite the pressure, not
  11. Thank you for the advice. I think I will just post-pone this appointment. In fear of making things worse by forcing something that may not want to come out yet, the last thing I want is to traumatize my skin. They really aren't that bad, but still annoying. I think I'll just wait it out, keep exfoliating, and hope they just come up to the surface or disappear. Has these peels worked for you or are these just general methods that work?
  12. Hi guys! So I'm getting an extraction done tomorrow. Although I don't have acne or even mild, I have these under the skin bumps/pimples that have been there for months The kind that you can't see unless you're in visible light or you stretch the skin. Even though they're not that noticeable, they really bother me. Most parts of my face are really smooth, but then we have these(on my cheeks) that are somewhat bumpy. I can feel them if I push lightly on my skin, I want them gone! If I stretch my
  13. First of, I'm sorry about your experience. However, telling everyone not to buy their products is a little far off. I personally really enjoy the cleanser. My face feels smoother, cleaner, and just better after using it. I don't however use the toner, or the lotion(dries me out too much) but I really enjoy the cleanser. I think proactiv has gained a really unfair reputation as an acne system. Just because it didn't work for you, doesn't mean it doesn't work. I had a friend that used the cleanser
  14. A couple months ago I went on ortho-lo. Needless to say, worst decision I could have ever made. I'm going to say that my skin was never perfect, however it wasn't bad at all. I had some mild hyper-pigmentation from past breakouts and never more than 1 pimple on my face, sometimes it was clear, but for the most part I always dealt with hyper-pigmentation thanks to my olive tone complexion. I decided to go on ortho-lo for skin benefits, as well as "baby proof protection." I knew the risk of taking
  15. Redness will fade in time. I know it's a b**** to deal with. I personally have hyper pigmentation due to my olive skin tone. I break out occasionally and it always leaves a dark spot, no matter if I pick or not, I know your pain. Exfoliating helps a lot. However you want be very careful of not over-exfoliating. A lot of people have had great success with the baby brush method for exfoliating, there's huge thread on here, google it, I'm sure you'll come across it. When you exfoliate you're gettin