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  1. Well, excess DHT happens in men all the time. It contributes to hair loss and low sperm count and bad prostate. Anything that treats those conditions, such as Finasteride, lowers the DHT. Too much of a "man" hormone is not good for either sex. Saw palmetto is a natural anti-androgen and although it can be used by both sexes, it is marketed almost exclusively to males for prostate health. As a female, when I was taking saw palmetto I felt a little funny with a big "FOR BETTER PROSTATE" slapped ac
  2. I think there's a general misconception among the public that an excessive amount of male hormone (testosterone and DHT) is what causes certain problems like hair loss and oily skin. I don't think people appreciate the sensitivity that certain body structures can have (like hair follicles and sebaceous glands) to androgens, and be influenced by them. I think that's a more important factor than just the overall level of androgens. Ok, well I have no misconception, only questions. Questions tha
  3. Lordy. So I have hair loss issues and extraordinarily oily skin. Is it safe to say the same hormonal imbalance is responsible for both conditions? And if antiandrogenic drugs/supplements treat these conditions by way of increasing female hormones (or something of the sort) is that to say the sufferer has an excess of males hormone(s) in their system?
  4. Hi Gingergirl, yep, I've mostly been using my own cleanser or just honey and then this as my moisturiser. I'd use my own lotion but this one has treatment ingredients and is lighter too, so suitable for day wear. And yes, Green Gables had been sending the message about oils, and I did know it myself as well. I just didn't question them in the context of eliminating them entirely, as I have now, and was at odds to think of what could be a replacement for barrier function. I'd only ever been a
  5. Keratin, is that stuff that can sometimes build up in body piercing holes?
  6. Update: Awesome moisturiser - FOUND! *celebrates* Finally...I think I know where I had been going wrong. Oils! I had never questioned oils until while I on the search for the perfect and most pure DIY moisturizer recipes I learnt about vegetable oil rancidity risks. And now in practice, using an oil-free moisturiser, I'm seeing some seriously good results. My skin just doesn't need more oil. Oil is basically just a film/barrier forming agent for water retention puroposes and there are other
  7. I exfoliate gently once a week with a washcloth, using a light lotion to lubricate and soften the cloth. My skin is fairly atrocious but exfoliation is the one thing I don't have a problem with/works in my routine. Just never use bicard soda to exfoliate with. Yes it's natural but of anything is going to wreck your acid mantle it's that.
  8. I understand your pain. I too am forever conscious of how oily my skin is. Forever conscious because it is forever oily. Even IMMEDIATELY after I wash it is oily/shiny. It's embarrassing because people must think I've put way too much lotion on my face or something. Honestly, there's not much I've tried topically that helps. A few products I've tried have had a slight accidental mattifying effect just after they've dried on my skin, but it's only temporary. The best I can do is blot with tiss
  9. **Cannot** believe I went back to shaving with a razor. Stupid, stupid decision. So angry right now. I'm having a break out like NEVER before and ONLY where I shave. I was going so well there for a while just using a trimmer but I got greedy, giving into the slight itchiness of having stubble and went back to wet shaving. It's painfully clear to me know why I decided to grow a short beard in the first place. This is disgraceful. No more. I don't care if I look a little rough with a five o'clock
  10. Not yet a replacement, Ginger, but I'm excited about the possibilities. All the stuff I've been making are basically variants/mixtures of the same thing. It's only the emulsifier thats changed things. I'm now looking into making my own oil free lotion which is just a whole other world of discovery and experimentation. I'm looking into oils now, and oxidation/rancidity issues and subsequent effects on skin. It's something rarely considered, but I feel it's worth investigating. I feel I might be b
  11. Oh cool! That recipe sounds kinda wicked Thats a good suggestion with the fruit acids too, I'm going to have to do trialling me thinks and just see how it goes, erring on the side or caution and tracking changes and results as I increase strength/frequency. Aaaand, guess what? I'm so freakin' stoked right now. I made my own lotion today. I did it! And I love it! Well I love the result in terms of consistency and feel at least. On-skin results are yet to be seen of course. And I think it cou
  12. Well yeah, the yoghurt is great at what it does...it just the smell I can't get around. The honey only disguises it so much and only while it on. And strangely I find it to be a little too drying to use while on thos whole no-moisturiser thing I'm trying. It is good though... Meanwhile, the honey is seriously one of the best things I've used to cleanse with to date. No kidding. And why I'm looking for something else is not because I'm not happy with the honey but because I want soothing else
  13. ^ Thanks Gingergirl. Will do! The next thing I'm considering using for cleansing is almond or oat milk/meal. What do you think? The mad science continues...lol
  14. Ok, this is what I'm trying...my new cleanser: a mixture of honey, grapeseed oil and white tea. That's it, just those three ingredients. And no lotion afterwards. I'm going to see how the small amount of residual grapeseed oil left after cleansing works for serving that purpose. Given this method doesn't strip my skin in the first place, a small amount of a light oil like grapeseed should in theory be enough. I might add, or alternate with, with pure veg glycerin or aloe too, but that will be l