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  1. Bump? Do we really need to avoid caffeine and sugar?
  2. So... B5 is helping your hair? You aren't even taking 100mg of B5 a day... is it working??? Update on dut usage?
  3. Which one? Please keep us all updated. We need to not give up and keep each other all updated if we want to fight this. <3
  4. Who has tried Progesterone? Specifically, oral progesterone. (this is for men only) https://www.healthnatura.com/product-p/progesterone1oz.htm Place into OO sized veggie capsule (better than gelatin capsule as it is more durable). Fill up the capsule, should be about 100mg, take one at bedtime. I've been using progesterone for awhile. I feel like it's the best thing we currently have to keep our hair, with no side effects (or positive ones). It would be interesting if more B5 hairloss
  5. Can you please explain your recovery with Buffered Vitamin C and motherwort? From reading your posts, it seems you aren't taking motherwort any longer, and you don't seem sure it helped, but you're sure that Buffered Vitamin C did help? What dosages do you take per day? and when?
  6. i didnt get any email from you bud. Ill check out the ray peat forum tho PM me your email address again pls
  7. I'm so sorry dude. I sent you an email to your gmail. come on the ray peat forum!
  8. IIRC, Dr. Wong (From Hasson & Wong) uses 0.2mg every 3 days or so. Wow. Please keep us in the loop dude. The more updates the better, This is huge. God bless you for going down this path, as scary as it is, it may be my only solution next if Thyroid/Progesterone fails me. If you can, please take good quality pictures every 4 weeks at the LEAST. You don't want to be 6 months in and not sure if it's working at all or not.
  9. Do you guys still use Selsun blue? There's a study from 1954 which had 6 different ppl who had DIFFUSE hair loss from using it... scares me. I'm worried to use it again now... thoughts??
  10. Very interesting thanks dude! Ecklonia Cava has some research into it and there are theories and reasons why it's good for hair. Apparently great for erectile dysfunction too, etc.. Potent anti-oxidant with a long halflife.
  11. I re-started Inositol.. at least 6g a day. Will try to do 12g a day split in 6 dosages morning and night. i recommend people start taking Taurine at 6g to 9g a day
  12. have you also noticed thickening of your hair? can you please break down a typical day of what you will eat from morning to night? The GAPS diet has no diary, and low carbs, right? What about greek yogurt, kefir, etc?Can everyone please take your body temperature upon waking ? (and other times of day but upon waking most important). My bodytemp is very low (95-96, NEVER over 96) and it should be 98.6. My TSH is high at 4.23 as well. I seem to be hypothyroid for sure. When body temp is