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  1. mslone

    Pictures of my friend

    These are pictures of my friend Cheryl who was burned in a grease fire on her hands and face. The doctor told her that she would have bad scarring and tight skin but she used a product called "Restore" by aleavia and as you can see she healed up very quickly and you cant even tell she was burned. "Restore" is actually an anti-aging product but i guess a lot of burn centers use it for burns because its a "Pre-Biotic" skin therapy which promotes the skins healthy bacteria and helps it restore a
  2. I bought my daughter some over the counter acne treatment called "Clear" under the aleavia brand. My pharmacist recommended it to me over accutane but i was wondering if anyone had ever used it. Let me know. Thanks
  3. My doctor perscribed accutane for my daughter but when i went to my pharmacist he told me not to get it and instead suggested an over the counter acne treatment kit by aleavia. I got it for her and will post an update on here when i get some results.
  4. I went to my dermatologist today for my daughter who suffers from really bad acne and he wrote her a perscription for Accutane which I've heard good things and bad things about... Anyway, I went to Walgreens right after to get the perscription filled and the pharmacist looked at the perscription and told me that i should try an over the counter product called "Clear" instead that is made by aleavia. I was wondering if Pharmacists get paid to recommend products by companies. I know drug reps go