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    Hi my names will and i have been fighting acne for around 1-3 years. It all started when i got out of high school and never ever had any type of acne in my 4 years. I started eatting really bad and was really depressed/stressed and just broke out like craaaazy. Long story short a visit to the dermatologist and i was clean!. Then around 2012-2013 my acne came back but was a few spots here and there nothing serious. Then the start of 2014 i decided i was gonna bulk and try to get bigger, now i onl
  2. Hey my names will and i've been fighting acne for three straight years. It basically started when i graduated from high school, really wasn't eatting right or working out and it just hit me like a cold. Had everything from hard zits to white heads and horrible blackheads on my nose(i still have them) and to top it off really really oily skin. Then i went to the docs and dermatologist got meds and cream and it workes great and all of it was gone! . Then skip forward to last year the acne would be
  3. Hi ! My names will and I just turned 18 and I've been fighting acne for multiple years and still haven't been able to get rid of them or at least minimize them as much as I wanted too. I have really oily skin especially on my face(my shoulders, back, neck, chest get oily but not as bad as my face) the most oily part of my face is my face and its been like this for 4-5 years I get new acne spots almost every two days and its either my face, shoulder, chest, or back. I've tried a few things here a