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  1. Not a ton, but I enjoy sitting outside a lot Right now is very stressful for me but the fact that it started for me on Saturday when I wasn't stressed makes me think it's not stress related. Well, that and the fact that it's happened this time of year before I live in Connecticut. I've been taking 4000iu of D3 daily since last August so it can't be that. I also know I have seasonal allergies, but only to one type of tree and an antihistamine takes care of it
  2. For the past 8 months or so, my acne really cleared up and I've had pretty clear skin. I attributed it to largely to the vitamins I had started taking. All of a sudden, my face has started breaking out frankly a startling speed. I woke up with 4 zits on saturday and about every 4-6 hours there's a new one forming. What the hell is going on!? Is it just my crazy teenage hormones (I'm 16 and a half)? I should add that I'm no stranger to acne: my face has had month long episodes and will be clear f
  3. as long as you're happy with your current situation, don't switch. For most people, 10% BP can only be viably used as a spot treatment as best while 2.5 produces amazing results for their other needs. That said, if 10% BP is working for you, just stick with what works.
  4. Please for the love of god LOWER YOUR DOSAGE! I am supplicating you! I took 5g daily for three months and my hair started falling out. I was one of the lucky ones and my hair came back. I stopped taking B5 and obviously my acne came back, but it struck back with a persistent vengeance that I had never seen. I started taking a food based multivitamin with vitamin B5 in it (only 50mg) with a host of other things. My skin has cleared up tremendously. I can give you the name of the vitamin if you w
  5. Are you sure you haven't developed Celiac disease or IBS or IBD? It's easy to blame other things on those. Source: I have IBD with severe acne Ps. Did the b5 really work? I want to try it. It does but megadosing will make your hair fallout lol. I think its safe for like two weeks and then reduce your dosage
  6. If you only ever get nothing more severe than the occasional medium-sized whitehead I'd recommend Salicylic acid. However, if its anything more than that, I would go for 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. So really, unless you have very mild acne and are not prone to a cyst every now and again, benzoyl peroxide is the better option. Salicylic acid is best for those with light acne while those that can get (not even necessarily often though but have the ability to) get either a large, bulbous swelling white
  7. You WILL experience the dry and burning effects if don't use a good moisturizer. That's really all there is to it. I would know because I have experienced those afflictions and I solved the issue by using Cetaphil's daily moisturizer.
  8. I stopped using the 10% and my acne has calmed down. I would recommend it ONLY as a spot treatment. It definitely increases irritation, and as we've all learned from the regimen, more irritation=more acne . Generally, what I have noticed, as Ahowe07 mentioned, the more extreme your regimen gets, the more extreme your acne gets! There's a nice middle ground . I think the best thing you can do for your face topically is stick to Dan's Regimen/your current BP regimen with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, tak
  9. I took b5 with amazing results. Cleared me right up! However I was taking 5 grams a day. I would advise a mega-dose for 2-3 weeks and then lower your dosage to 1g to 500mg I forgot to mention that my hair started falling out! I was one of the lucky one's who's hair came back, but there have been reports of those who's hair started falling out and it never stopped. I switched my shampoo to one meant for dry hair and I stopped all B5 and the hair came back. I believe B5 also reroutes DHT, so, tak
  10. My face had been pretty bad lately so I had migrated to using 2.5% and 10% benzoyl peroxide. I use proactive steps 1-3. For those that don't know, step 3 is a 2.5% BP solution with some other things thrown in. I'll usually use step 3 and then apply my 10% BP. I've still been breaking out way more than usual lately. I switched to 10% BP after I had tried a new (terrible) face wash in an attempt to clear up again. My acne has been worse than usual this summer so I hoped the new wash would help. In
  11. I'm always happiest sitting in the sun under a clear blue sky #clearskyclearmind

    1. RT @FactsOfSchool: Rules for texting a girl: 1) Don't take 40 minutes to reply. 2) Use good grammar. 3) Ask Questions. 4) Always use t…