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  1. Interesting story but it doesn't prove anything. Your outward actions - what you project to the world - is not who you truly are. We all hide what we feel. I'm terrified of people knowing, in person, how worthless I feel. I hide it. I put on a facade. I try to make people laugh. It works. But in the end, I know that it's all just a lie. It's just an IMAGE of keeping a positive attitude in spite of <whatever> shortcomings we have. Is it necessarily the case for the person in the story? Mayb
  2. You think I don't *try*? It is because I tried that I feel hopeless. I tried and repeatedly failed. I'm not going to list out what I've tried and what I've done. You'd wonder why I can do so much and still feel depressed about it. I want to die because I'm so alone, all the time. I can try to accept the solitude but it still tears me apart. Not one fucking person in the world wants anything to do with me unless there's something I can do for them. And when I need something, what happens? They
  3. All I'm waiting for is a way to end this and make it look as natural and accidental as possible. There is nothing worth living for.
  4. Why are you people so quick to pass judgement on whether something is wrong or not. We all do what we must. For some of us, death might be the only solution. For others, cutting is. For others still, an adjustment of attitude. No solution is anymore wrong than any other one.
  5. I'd prefer that anyone who looked at me in disugst instantly got acne and crooked teeth. That'll fuck them over as much as I've been fucked over.
  6. More evidence that the whole party line of "it's your attitude" is complete, 100% wholesome bullshit.
  7. Maybe if you didn't have acne you two could have talked about something even more worthwhile.
  8. I've come to the conclusion that people don't read before they post. So many people suggest exercising and working out. But I can't do that. My fucking joints are messed up to the point that I get tremendous amounts of pain if I have to use any force at all. The rest of my skin bursts out in blisters and hives if I get hot enough to sweat. And you know what, after seeing countless specialists and doctors, not one has been able to do anything. Plastic surgery, you say? With my luck, it will sim
  9. The only way to know is probably to do a blind test where people have no interest in being unobjective.
  10. The truth is not an illusion. But thinking that you are something you're not is a lie. I'm ugly and stupid. I can't pretend that I'm actually attractive and smart because I know it's not true. One is a lie, the other is reality. As much as I don't want to know that, there's no denying it.