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  1. Just thought I would share a post script - I am starting my 4th month on accutane. (2nd month on 40mg). My skin is clear. (i'm only about half way through tx). I have some residual redness from all the trauma done to my skin, but hoping that goes away soon. I use topicort to help calm the dryness. My bloodwork once a month has now stabilized. I only have just a very few minor surface spots, but that could be a once a month thing. Ladies, if you read this, my severe cystic acne is due
  2. @ unaccepted - that's what I'm afraid of. A bad experience. @ Binga - You really think so?? I don't have health insurance. We just have the state sponsered family medicaid thing for now. I can't afford something like that. I thank you both for your time. I can't tell you how frustrating this whole ordeal is. I am going to talk to my derm friday regarding my concerns with accutane, and give it a try. This is crazy how some people have to live their lives. It's just so wrong what peopl
  3. Let me be clear that I have never had acne before. Nuisance zits as a teen, clear skin by 16, and after I had my first baby I had this HUGE lump that was my whole left side chin...which a dermatologist put liquid nitrogen on it then gave me an rx for retin-a. NEVER had acne again. Until now. I am new to acne. Oct '11, I had a big purple shiny PAINFUL lump on my chin. It appeared overnight. The next day, there were probably 3 more red ones RIGHT NEXT to it! Making the lump even bigger!