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  1. Hello, I'm just wondering how quickly I would go through jojoba oil if I were to add maybe 4-6 drops into my moisturizer. (Twice a day) Does anyone have any experience on how long it takes them to use it?
  2. Alright. I will definitely try it. Still looking for a definite yes or no, preferably. I just didn't know if you could have several kits simultaneously or you could only have one while only being allowed to edit it.
  3. Is it possible to have two autoship kits set up? Mostly because I need moisturizer about twice as much as I need BP and 3x as much as I go through cleanser, so I don't really want to stock up on BP and cleanser at the same time with moisturizer when I don't need it. I want separate autoshipping for the products, is this possible? P.S: didn't really know where to put this.
  4. Okay, I'm constantly flaky. My theory is it's either just overall dryness, or it's my moisturizer. For some reason I feel like my moisturizer is not absorbing into my skin, but rather drying like paste on my skin and appearing as flakes later. The reason I think this is because my skin was flaky and I washed it off my skin, and applied moisturizer. My skin became flaky again. This is only a presumption, so I don't know. (I'm using olay's sensitive moisturizer w/ 15 spf because d
  5. I relate. Acne has made me self-conscious in every way. I Don't even want to do simple things in public. Going to the store to shop terrifies me because of the florescent lighting which only further makes my skin look disgusting. If I could, I would be a complete hermit. I don't even want to make people look at my face. Needless to say, this has obviously effected my ability to socialize, if it's not blatant enough. I still spend time with friends, but I have a lot of trouble associat
  6. Pretty terrible. As always. I'm getting really frustrated. Nothing seems to work for me and I can't get rid of it. It frustrates me even more when very little people my age have acne the way I do. They'll have the occasional pimple, and I have a god damn plague on my face. I'm starting to become resentful of clear-skinned people. Having trouble going out in public anymore. Contemplating wearing concealer and i'm a guy, that's how desperate I'm feeling. So summary, yeah..pretty a
  7. Awesome, I'll try it. Thanks. Will probably save me some money too.
  8. Thank you for the recommendation. Is that product available in drugstores? Where can I get that? I really would like to switch moisturizers. I feel like the one that Dan made is made for his skin and I'm feeling like we don't share the same type. The Bp doesn't even hurt me anymore, it's the moisturizer that burns like crazy.
  9. Why does the moisturizer burn? Hurts way more than the BP.
  10. I'm using the starter dosage (+ a little more) because I'm gradually increasing the dosage as it recommends. I also have the tube, so I got the dosage according to the pictures. I'm currently only using about a quarter of my finger.
  11. An update: Actually, the peeling is going away but my face still feels rather 'stuck together'
  12. I've been on the regimen for six days. My skin was really red and irritated the first few days, but that has gone away. My skin just feels really dry and sort of like it's stuck together. It's hard to explain. I'm using two pumps of moisturizer and when I'm putting that on, it feels like way too much. I have excess on my skin and it's difficult to spread. Even after that, my skin is really dry. I'm experiencing peeling too. The cleanser makes my face feel like stuck together, l
  13. Thanks. Yeah, that chart that was posted wasn't very helpful. Mostly because I have cystic acne that's pretty severe..and it's not included in the chart from what I could see. I plan to, I was just dying of curiosity to get an idea of when I should or might see results. My acne is so bad now that I can't even tell if it looks better or it's just because of the lighting. Yes, I'm using the starter dosage and gradually increasing, I'm only on day five now. I need to use more moisturizer beca