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  1. I have the answer! My acne was very severe - cystic acne. I always had blemishes and whiteheads in my skin. Growing a beard made my skin underneath breakout. I was washing my face repeatedly with Dove and other liquid cleansers in the past. I was NOT rubbing my skin. I was cleaning very lightly topically, then applying a moisturizer. It always made my skin acne prone. I thought I was being too tough on my skin when I used a wash rag, bar soap, etc. I still think wash rags are really bad for the
  2. All you need is Ivory soap, luke-warm water, and a healthy diet. You can get rid of all of the facial scrubs, facial washes (that don't work and burn the face), face wash cloths (hard on the skin). For women - don't wear makeup, or very much makeup - as anything put on the face will clog pores, even if the label says "non comedogenic". It's aboslute BS, since anything that is caked on the face will prevent the skin from breathing and getting rid of toxins. This includes sunscreen - so the best t