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  1. alright mate, bit odd randomly messaging a strager but i saw youve been on accutane, i started a month ago on 55mg and my face has since been bright red, it ends at my jaw line.. its winter here but have been wearing spf 50 moisturising reglarly and been covering my face, did you experiance a redend face on your course, many thanks, luke X

    1. Not sure if anyone follows my board anymore, but just posted new pics in my gallery. Probably done giving updates now and will only be answering questions when asked. I created the videos and documented from the very begining so that maybe I could help some people during their struggle- I hope I have accompished that. If you are using accutane, it can get really lonely, but just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. *I used The Acne.org cleanser throughout my accutane journey
    2. Nearing end of treatment this is side of face. MUCH improved, yeah? The lighting is awful... oh well. Feels much improved. Happy results so far:)
    3. Hey Hollie!! I'm on isotretonoin as well. It is accutane. It's a generiv brand of accutane. Accutane is no longer in production due to lawsuits and stuff. Works the same though... so I've been told. I don't get very dry lips luckily. But I reccomend aquaphor for chapped and dry lips. That's what I use as needed. Let me know how your treatment goes
    4. Been so busy lately! Here are updated pictures from the start of accutane to now. Much progress? please let me know Beginning of Accutane: Week 20:
    5. Nope! Just accutane... So frustrating,
    6. I live in AZ and I have the exact same problem. Breakout bad over Summer. Clear over Winter. It's a frustrating cycle and I have no idea what causes it. Hang in there.
    7. Something definitel feels wrong with my intestines... maybe liver (again) or kidney... idk going to get blood drawn asap though
    8. Feeling gross :/ mid-accutane course right now. Hopefully things get better...
    9. Week 14- Front of face looking much better
    10. When you run your fingers down your cheeks is it really smooth or bumpy?