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    I'm in school majoring in Elementary Ed, which I'm super excited about! I love all of the good things in life--ice cream, 30 Rock, Lost, upbeat music, adventures, weird nail polish art, crafting, and cats. I'm also pretty darn Irish and just barely escaped without being super gingery (whew!). I'm probably the nicest person on the planet.

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  1. Well, we broke up anyway, so there's a plot twist >.< Ironically, my skin is pretty much clear. Fun times. I'm still really glad for your responses, though! I will take all of this advice if I start dating again ever haha
  2. That actually helps a lot haha. It's so funny how we can get this idea that everyone else is just perfect when they aren't, just because we're so distracted with our own skin. I'm so glad he responded positively! That's so sweet! Honestly, when it's other people's skin problems, I might notice at first, but I get used to it pretty quickly and will stop noticing. I'm sure that it's kind of the same way with other people, but that every time we get self-conscious and bring it up, we're basically
  3. Haha thanks for your input, everybody! This was actually pretty interesting! I mean, I know I'm not very picky when it comes to other people and that I'd still date a guy with acne, but I'm like...creepy nice...so I figured that was something I'd be fine with, but not the other way around haha. I'm getting a little more comfortable talking to him about my skin and he's been really sweet about it, but he has this model hot best friend with amazing skin, so I still get kind of intimidated knowing
  4. Ugh. That is just awful haha. My derm wanted me to be on a higher dose, but because I have a sensitive stomach, he wanted me to up it slowly to make sure I didn't have the same GI issues that I got from antibiotics. Because I normally don't break out when I'm not on the pill, I was hoping that I would stop breaking out when I stopped taking it. My skin was clear a month after stopping my last pill, with no other acne medications being used, so I was assuming it would be the same sort of situatio
  5. I've been feeling totally awful around my bf because of my skin and FINALLY had a 2 week period where I stopped breaking out. I thought my skin problems were finally going to be over and I got to actually experience not sleeping in makeup for the first time/spontaneous dates that didn't involve me spending forever getting ready. All of a sudden, I started breaking out again, but I'd already made plans to do all sorts of things and go all sorts of places that I feel gross doing now that I have pi
  6. My birth control was SEVERELY breaking me out, so my derm put me on Spiro. I started at 25 mg for a week, them upped it to 50 for the rest of the month. I wasn't really getting results, so I upped it to 75mg a day for the next 5 weeks or so. I ended up quitting my birth control a month ago and after 2 weeks, I had a wonderful period of about 2 weeks where I completely stopped getting new breakouts--no cysts, no pustules, NOTHING. I got SO excited and thought I was finally healing up from my birt
  7. I wouldn't completely rule out Yaz. All birth control pills do carry a risk of blood clots and are still prescribed regularly despite that because the risk is still minimal if you're healthy. The NuvaRing and the Ortho Evra patch also have an increased risk of blood clots because the hormones they contain must be absorbed through the skin instead of taken orally. The main issue with Yaz and all of the lawsuits is that they were unaware that those pills had a slightly higher risk associated with
  8. Every time I've gone off the pill, I've only broken out a little for maybe 3 weeks before my skin went back to normal. I also had only very mild acne before starting the pill and have only started experiencing skin problems when I'm on birth control (kind of the opposite of most people, I guess.) If it's really important to you to not be taking anything, a few weeks of pimples shouldn't hold you back! I never really had serious breakouts during that time, just minor ones, and it helped to rememb
  9. If it helped you before, it might be worth a try to stay on it for a few months before switching. If the Lo worked for you, I'd say to give the regular OTC a chance. For me, the OTC Lo broke me out like crazy, so when I switched to the regular kind, it just made it worse. I also noticed an increase in side effects when I switched to the higher dose. Since you originally did well on the Lo, you'll probably react better than I did if you make the switch. I'd say it can't hurt to try
  10. The pill itself broke me out with cystic acne, so that continued for those three weeks until the effects of the pill wore off. A few days after I stopped the pill and up until the 3 week mark, I broke out with smaller pimples that were closer to the surface of my skin, which is what I'm getting now, since I've been off Loestrin for about a week. They're similar to cysts in the fact that they're a bit painful and that they're sort of the oily ones (ew) but they're not very deep and can usually po
  11. From my experience, derms are mainly just for trial and error and determining the TYPE of acne you have. Not so much for conditions that overlap into other areas, like hormone imbalances. I kind of just Google my own stuff, figure out what I want, and use them as a human prescription ATM haha. I think an endocrinologist can do more with that, but it might be expensive and you couldn't be on Spiro or birth control for a few months before you have a hormone workup done. I really hope the Spiro
  12. When I was taking Ortho Tri Cyclen, it broke me out and I stopped after about a year. My skin broke out for about 3 weeks after I stopped the pill, so basically it had calmed down and was pretty clear again after I'd been off the pill for a month. It just takes a little while for your body to adjust to the hormone level being changed. It might have been a little different for me because I had clear skin before the pill and was just returning to that instead of some people who actually break out
  13. Haha I feel exactly the way she does! I think it really just takes time. I've only been dating my boyfriend for a bout 4 months, so it's hard to feel like he really cares about me in spite of my skin problems because we're not yet to that "love" stage, where your undying devotion to the other person trumps their acne fears haha. I think that's probably what's happening with her and that she needs to see over the course of a couple more months--or maybe longer--that you're not just going to sudd
  14. I know what you mean! It feels so horrible when you're breaking out! Honestly, it feels so much better to just get out there and hang out with your friends and meet new people--even though it's hard! I saw a girl tonight with skin that was breaking out like mine was and it's not like I thought differently of her or anything. I probably only noticed because I'm so self-conscious about my own skin that it's the first thing I look at on other people! Definitely take advice from the people on here b
  15. She actually posted higher up! She does know a lot about Spiro and it's good to hear that it works! It's just sooo hard to be patient haha. I talked to my boyfriend the other night about how stressed I was getting about my skin and he was the one who really encouraged me to stop taking this birth control if it's causing my skin to break out so much. It was nice to get that out there and to know that he was supportive of me doing what made me comfortable! As soon as you have the chance, you shou