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  1. So what I do is I wash my face sith Cetaphil gentle Skin Cleanser, this stuff works AMAZINGLY because it is easy on the skin, (it's even okay for babies) and so my dermatologist said this would clean my skin while also not causing irritation due to the fact I was taking topical creams. Morning regimen: washing face with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser in the shower (every 2-3 days) apply Acanya gel very sparingly to face. Night regimen: 1. take of makeup with Neutrogena makeup remover wipes

    My acne was so bad and this stuff healed it after 6 weeks. No bull, like this stuff is amazing and reliable, just have to be patient.
  3. Hey guys. I wanted to share with you the skin that I had before I was a tretinoin user, and this is my skin now. I was perscibed a medication to take during the day but Tretinoin is what saved me, I want you guys to see for yourselves. Be patient and wait 6 months and you won't be dissatisfied. The last two pictures are my skin now, and this is what I consider a breakout to me (I have two blemishes and I consider it a breakout, that's how good tretinoin is for acne) good luck :)
  4. So I am using Tretinoin .1, I'm on my 6th month I'd say, well anyways, I also use Acanya (2.5 benzoyl and clindamycin) in the morning.. Well, I had this HUGE zit on my right cheek, and so instead of using tretinoin, (even though a little bit may have come in contact) I used the Acanya as spot treatment, now, today, One week later, I have a huge flat circle around what should be a tiny mark now.. why is this? What can I put on it to heal?? I've been leaving it alone and moisturizing with cera ve
  5. You're only 16. You have a temporary problem..... I understand what you're going through and trust me, I cried probably every day and didn't want to leave my house. But suicide is not ending your problem, it's ending your life, its losing. You're stronger than that. And to end your life over a temporary problem.. is not right. Your acne WILL CHANGE. Okay? I promise. I have it too, guess what, 80% of humans get it, so you're not alone. No matter how bad you have it, I guarantee you theres thousan
  6. USE CERA VE PM!!! im on tretinoin .1% soooo i know a lot about moisturizing
  7. Good for you, Where you taking any antibiotics? Nope, nothing oral. But now I'm taking an antibiotic cream in the mornings
  8. The first two are my skin this May. The second two are my skin in August. The last two are my skin today! Let me know what you think.
  9. I'm king of pointing to it.. But theres a flat pinkish mark that's pretty wide, about the width of a pea, and it's been there for about a month and a half. I had a HUGE pimple, and I desperately worked to try to get rid of it. I put 10% benzoyl peroxide plus later like toothpaste on it:( and clearly it left a little chemical burn mark. How long will this go away? Is it still safe to use my tretinoin? Is it permanent?! AHHH
  10. Hey! I just wanted to share with you that I completely know what you're going through. I'm 16 also and even though my acne has cleared (in terms of pimples) I have scarring all over my face. and its like the pimple never left, it's still there cause I have red marks everywhere. And what I want to tell you is that my aunt had the most horrendous acne ever, and accutane saved her, and my dad, and one of my friends. IT WILL WORK!!!! You just have to be patient, remember things don't work very quick
  11. I completely know what you mean, I am only 16, and everyone at my school has no to little acne, like it's not fair. I don't have pimples anymore, and if I get them it's a small whitehead here and there, but my entire face is covered with post acne marks, and its so unfair, no matter how much foundation I use, it looks like I have scars, which I can't tell if its hyperpigmentation or a scar but whatever. I keep having mental lapses and crying and anxiety and my parents are kind of helping, but no
  12. Mine are similar, I'm using Tretinoin .1 and it slowly helps
  13. I've been on Tretinoin .1% cream for almost 3.5 months, and It cleared up my acne, but I'm left with hyperpigmentation ALL over my face And It seems like they're not going away! Will 6 months like the cream claims cure all these scars for sure? They're really killing my self esteem :/ They seriously cover my face and I can't stand it anymore, help! Also, on my forehead and cheeks the scars seem barely indented.. and it's visible under makeup.. what do I do?
  14. So I accidently left my microdermabrasion on my skin too long (I left it over my hyperpigmentation) and now it's realllyyyy reaaally red and it stings. Will this make my acne marks worse and redder?! Or better in the long run? I have Aloe Gel on it right now, and it's gotten better overnight.