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  1. Hello everybody, Not sure if this is the correct section of the forum but I'd like to know what would you recommend as the best natural and effective anti aging cream for men? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have just ordered Cerave and Cetaphil cleanser for normal to oily skin and I'll test them both. Do you have any opinions on those two products? For moisturizer, I am currently using Cerave AM SPF moisturizer day and night. Also, can you recommend any good moisturizers or cleansers? Any advice is highly appreciated Thanks!
  3. Yeah, the thing is that the skin got oily without even using the moisturizer. No using the moisturizer a little bit but very little improvement. I'm quite shocked that BP was the reason for the oily skin - how can you explain that? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I've been using acne.org regimen for 5 years and I decided to get off the regimen and at first my skin looked great but eventually, acne started showing up again so I decided to go back on the regimen. When I stopped using the regimen I stopped using the moisturizer as well (which I think I was applying in too big of quantities) and my skin was less oily, actually it was not oily at all. I went back on the regimen with a small dose without moisturizer just to test things a
  5. Hey guys! I need your help. So Im happy to report that Im 90% clear . But Im having two problems and I would really appreciate any help you can give me. First problem is that I have a lot of red marks and general redish spots where acne used to be. How do I get rid of that? Which products are the best to use and how much time will it take for them to disappear? The other problem I am having is that my complexion of skin is worse than before, the colour is uneven. I have a little bit more darke
  6. Hey. I started using the regimen in the summer but I stopped using BP it after a month and a half because my skin was getting dark (and was also still dry). Not from the sun but from the BP, so when I stopped after a week or so the skin got the normal collor and I was clear about 70%. I was still using Dan`s cleanser and moisturizer until recently. Because instead of moisturizer they sent me BP so I was using some other moisteurizer. After 2-3 weeks (two days ago) I started using Dan`s moisturi
  7. Hy guys Im a male, 21yo and I started using the regimen two days ago and I am very excited I will finally get rid of my acne. I am going on summer vacation today for 1 month and I have a couple of questions for you. 1. What is your suggestion about being on the sun? Dan recommends only about 20 minutes a day. I will be on a business trip so it I could stay inside or something until 6pm. 2. Dan says that the face should be washed no more than 2 times a day, but I am planning on swimming twic