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    I like math and computers a lot. Also, I enjoy playing videogames, watching Netflix, and playing with my cats and feeding my betta fish.

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  1. <p>Hi, can someone tell me what this is? I woke up with this on my leg...</p>
  2. Hey forum, just wanted to update again. This is probably going to be the final update for a long time because everything's going good and staying about the same! I occasionally get a pimple every now and then, but it's always small and goes away within a day or so. Not a really big deal. Redness has completely faded, look for yourself (the pictures are a year apart), Anyway, let me know if you have any questions! This has been a long battle that many of us have to face, but y
  3. Just an update: Here is my skin condition currently (photos taken with iPhone 5 front camera)
  4. It took about a good 2-3 months before the flaking finally let off. It will be hard, but it's worth it, trust me. I had to go to my job everyday flaking and even though it hurt and was embarrassing, it finally stopped. I am off the regimen now and I just take Bactrim-DS and wash my face once a day.
  5. I actually varied between all products. I used acne.org products the most until I ran out. Now I just wash my face once a day with purpose. I think my acne phase has finally died off because I rarely get any pimples now.
  6. Here's pics for both Week 9 & 10: Week 10: There really isn't much else to take pictures of, I'm pretty much healed. As of right now I might get 1 to 2 pimples a week, but they are rather small, and I can get rid of them in a day. My acne is under control now, and I still have mild flakiness, but I've been using more lotion to fix that. I went to my dermatologist on 10/2, and he said my redness is pretty much all gone, and that all I have is scarring, which goes away within
  7. I Just Entered @RedmondPie's iPhone 5 Giveaway. Details Here: http://t.co/CSQphinZ

  8. This game would've been awesome on ps2... (@YouTube http://t.co/RvEM67lU)

  9. Phew, now moved past week 8. Skin has been flaking like crazy all week, cheeks are much much better, and forehead... Well, is getting there. I've noticed shaving removes most of the flakiness.. So I'm going to try and do that as often as I can. Here are some pics taken with my new iPhone 5 and my 4 is on eBay, so now expect better quality and colors!
  10. TheCoolestUsername has unlocked the achievement "Upgrade Addict" in Real Racing 2 for iPhone and iPod touch!

  11. TheCoolestUsername has unlocked the achievement "Amateur" in Real Racing 2 for iPhone and iPod touch!