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  1. I used to use the bp morning and night, worked well. Be sure to use a sunscreen after applying the bp (15 minutes later). I used to mix the moisturizer with sunscreen, worked flawlessly. Now I am on accutane. The acne.org regimen worked great. Although I did not want to have to use that for my entire life. Good luck.
  2. I visited Auckland, Napier-Hastings, and Rotorua. I played trumpet and classical and jazz guitar for my high school band at that time. Amazing place to visit and live. We performed at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, then went to Canberra, followed by our final destination, New Zealand. Have you ever been to the states? Don't freak our about using that product too long. I am sure your skin will not develop skin cancer. Do you wear sunscreen during the day? To be honest, whether I continue
  3. Hey Nicole, I know what you mean with the mood changes. I feel like one of the characters from "Grumpy Old Men" lol. Look on the bright side, your acne is diminishing. In regards to the eczema, have you ever soaked/bathed in salt? Dead sea salt works great for this, in my opinion. As well as hydrocortisone-used sparingly. I starting accutane on June 27th, 40 mg one a day. I am currently experiencing the initial breakout period. I hope all is well in New Zealand. I traveled to Australia and to
  4. I agree with Nicole. I started Accutane the 27th of June. While my acne is the worst currently that I have ever had formerly experienced (initial breakout), the outcome of this treatment will make it worth the wait. I wish I would have taken it at 17, although now at 21 I believe I acne has made me much more mature and wiser. Stay positive with whatever you decide to do. Positive reinforcement is great. Dan