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  1. Ok thanks! Do you apply the serums right away after you rolled? or wait a while? I also wanna try rose hip seed oil first before the serums and see if it is effective, and also when you do the needling, do they form a scab and does it look like this? http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=25272,
  2. It's really sad to have the worst of my scars in the temple area that is hardest to treat, but then again its also an area that I can easily conceal just by growing my hair a bit longer. Im actually thinking of combining rolling with stamping? what do you think about that? Also as a substitute for serums I think I will use Rosehip seed oil. Thank you again munsoned for replying, please keep us updated on your improvements, best of luck.
  3. So, you don't use any topical treatment after needling? Now I feel more hopeful! knowing that I can achieve results without topicals . Also one last question, Do you use the EMLA? Is the pain from individual needling and rolling unbearable? Can you describe the feeling when needling and rolling? Thanks again for the reply munsoned!
  4. first of all, thank you for your very detailed reply. I appreciate it very much, As much as I can, I too don't want to take all those supplements, Its as if I feel like a nuclear reactor, but I quit using the BP because I think its not for me, I am leaning towards the natural things, like apple cider vinegar and green tea applied topically, sorry to bother you about my questions, Thank you very much for your reply! Best of luck, God bless
  5. hi ketchup! I have read pretty much all the things you posted in this thread and I have learned many things. may I know what is your regimen as of now? including diet, topicals and supplementation. Thank you for all your efforts putting this information here, any kind of help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks again for the reply munsoned I really appreciate it. yeah temple scars suck. although on the bright side you can cover them up by growing your hair a bit, but it sucks that they are the most hard to fade. Anywho are you still using the LED lights from LEDman? is there a better option now for led lights? And also is it possible to achieve good results by just rolling on the areas that have scarring or should we roll on the whole face? Also can the mild scars be able to achieve good results
  7. First of all thank you wingedserpent for making this thread. I must say low dosage of B5 combined with L-carnitine works! It took a while though, but the moment that i knew it was working was when I noticed that my face is less oily and as wngedserpent said that you will have chapped lips although my lips were only slightly dryer than usual, the only thing that I didn't do in this regimen is juicing, which is vital, but instead of juicing I just ate them raw. I think juicing will make my improve
  8. thank you very much for your very detailed reply munsoned, I really appreciate it, and all of the other posters here and especially lamar, I felt like light finally shone on me, although I still have active acne and treating it naturally with the greent tea toner, I will do this as soon as I am clear of acne, also munsoned, how are your temple scars now? how much have they improved? and also your scars overall how much did they improve? And seeing that this thread was made three years ago, are t
  9. Thank you lamar for all your efforts, this thread gave me hope, I have a question, although this may have been answered already, you said not to use diabetic needles on the temples, what needles should I exactly use? because most of my scars are on my temples and they're moderately deep, all replies are very much appreciated, you are a blessing lamar.
  10. BTW i have a question, how do you spot treat with this and the sea salt?
  11. are you still doing this? did your scars improve?
  12. Yeah I also used baking soda and i think its a little too harsh for me also so i stopped it. onefatalgoose Im thinking i'll use the green tea as an overall cleanser for my face and ACV toner in the morning then the green tea toner at night, what do you think about it?
  13. Thanks alternativista! Ive read almost every one of your posts, and ive been enlightened in the case of diet being connected to acne, thank you very much! by the way off topic, i really think hard water here in the US is one big culprit in contributing to acne, what do you think about it? do you use shower filters?
  14. I totally agree that you should not put anything on your skin that you can't eat, im also thinking of going all natural, ive decided to use this as cleanser, and the acv diluted in water as toner. any suggestion on an all natural moisturizer? by the way thanks for posting this!
  15. Im currently on a paleo, gluten, dairy and sugar free diet, so im just asking for your opinions on what foods should be eaten organic and what foods can you buy on a regular supermarket, because organic stuffs can be pretty expensive and im on a tight budget . every post is very appreciated, thanks guys!