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  1. Been on the Regimen for a year now and my skin stays clear unless I slack off and skip 2 days and/or eat certain foods. Trust me, the longer you do this the more efficient you'll be at it; it'll be just as ordinary as brushing your teeth.
  2. Strange. I've been on the Regimen since last July and my face has gotten used to the products by the end of August. Keep at it and fight through the struggle, trust me all the discomfort is worth it. I've been on this for months now and I only get spots (mostly small ones too) if I slack off.
  3. No! Power through it and be even more gentle now that new pimples have formed. You'll be clear in 2-3 months, trust me. The longer you keep doing the Regimen the less severe new pimples will be and the next thing you know you'll be waking up with a relatively smooth face. If you're fully adjusted to the full 2 pumps of BP then use even more. I personally use 2 1/4 pumps and it's working pretty well and another 1/4 for the front area of my neck.
  4. Same here. Last week I thought I was beginning to clear up then I woke this morning with bam! 2 blemishes around my mouth area and one on the back of my head. I hate breaking out around my mouth and nose. Makes me look like I have herpes or something I really hate skipping this morning lecture I jigged because I find it really interesting but alas, I feel like absolute shit today
  5. Ah, dating while having acne; it's a brilliant experience. After several failed attempts and getting the silent treatment consistently from girls I come across, I've demolished my expectations of women and learned to bail ASAP and save myself time when I have a hunch that she's not interested. Time is an extremely precious commodity and us acne sufferers know this more than the average person. To the OP and to anyone else out there facing similar situations, trust your instinct and your hunche
  6. Jesus....Some of the stories I come across on these boards. And to think acne is dismissed as a trivial problem (hence the lack of quality research on an actual cure or a more effective, safer, and long-term alternative to accutane) Me on the other hand, I wish one or both of my parents would've forcibly pinned me down when I was younger because I PICKED my face nonstop. *facepalm* I really wish I should've listened to them then I probably wouldn't have as many scars as I do now
  7. I watched that video and wow, if there's anyone out there who deserves nothing but clear skin it's him. I used to abhor my skin so much before. Eventually I learned to toughen the eff up and think "Thank gosh this is happening to me and not to other people. They'd completely break down and off themselves off a tall structure if they were in my position."
  8. Yes AHA murders my skin as well. Not sure if my skin will build tolerance to it but if it doesn't in a couple of weeks then I reckon I'll dilute it in moisturiser and a little jojoba oil to lessen the discomfort.
  9. Relax. It's only been several weeks, your skin will get fully accustomed to BP eventually. Use 3 full pumps of moisturiser and 6 drops of jojoba oil and as I keep advocating here in the forums: take a break from BP for a day or two if the side effects become way too much to bear. It's like bodybuilding and exercise; if the muscles and joints are too sore then the person has to take a break to let his/her body recuperate. Same principle applies to your skin Personally, Cetaphil products do
  10. Trust me, prepping for The Regimen every night and day and powering through the side effects of BP is a drop in the ocean compared to the clear skin you will eventually get. I gained a tremendous amount of confidence when I started clearing up and whenever I pat my skin my brain finds it hard to believe that it can only feels smoothness where ugly bumps used to reside The journey will be complete hell when you start, you WILL think about quitting many times. Stick with it and crank up your
  11. Most dermatologists and estheticians are fuckwits that get paid (ironically) lots of money to gamble and roll the dice with people's acne problems. I wish I discovered this website early in my life. I wouldn't have to deal with so much acne scars now :\
  12. Yes. If the water stream is very gentle then it should be fine. It also helps to apply the principle of a gentle touch and avoiding rubbing to a shower routine as well. I've shaved a good amount of minutes off my showers and avoided even more irritation to my body acne when I decided one day "Hey, why not try some of the instructions on The Regimen when I shampoo and wash my body as well?"
  13. It's been only 2 weeks. Hang in there buddy My face was horrendously itchy and red when I started because I was too enthusiastic with the dosage. If the side effects becomes too much to handle then increase the amount of moisturiser and add jojoba oil. If that still doesn't help then take a break from BP and use just cleanser and moisturiser for a day or two.
  14. Haha there you go. Use 2 full pumps of moisturiser and ramp it up to 3 if you have to. That stuff dries pretty quickly and doesn't leave an icky feeling on skin.
  15. My face becomes really dry after using the cleanser as well. That's what two full pumps of moisturiser mixed with 6 drops of jojoba oil are for: to rehydrate your skin and eliminate the dryness and flakiness.
  16. It's very important to go easy on the BP dosage when starting out. Think of it this way: The Regimen has a 4-week initiation process where you try to get your skin accustomed to benzoyl peroxide until you can tolerate the full 2 pumps (or finger length if you use the tube); that's when you start your actual week 0 and count from there. Once you're up on the full dosage I guarantee you blemishes will be clearing much quicker and new ones will be less severe than what you'd normally get as long as
  17. The principles of mainstream skincare products are complete rubbish and does little to nothing for people with acne. Trust and follow every information in The Regimen and it is best to use acne.org products with the instructions since they have a high-quality formulation that promotes a featherlight touch. I've had mild to moderate but persistent face and body acne for more than a decade now but The Regimen and fish oil+zinc supplementation have been the only things that are clearing me and I'