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  1. Need Solutions

    Tired Of Being Alone And Afraid

    Good luck to you, Hopefully you have some luck with it because I understand exactly how deeply it can affect your relationships with other people.
  2. I hate the skin on my face so fucking much. Its so discusting. Literally everything is wrong with it. I feel so hopeless and every second of every day is spent thinking about it. Ive lost way too much weight because im constantly worrying about what foods might make it worse even though it doesnt make a blind bit of difference to my skin. Im so scared to put anything on my face because everything just makes it worse. My life is like a never ending nightmare that I cant wake up, f
  3. I would love to say it has made me a better person but I would be lying. All its done to me is totally destroy me in every way possible and ive only really started having these problems the last few months. I have so much respect for people who have suffered for years and would never be able to see the damage it causes emotionally untill it happened to me. The person I was a few months ago is gone and all that is left for me is constant depression, sadness and obsession with my skin. Mabye one d
  4. Need Solutions

    Food Tolerent Test Worth It?

    What happens with this? do they basically take some tests and tell you a list if foods your alergic to?
  5. Need Solutions

    My Acne Hell

    Parts of this sound so similar to what i've been going through the last few months, To suddenly have your life fucked over by this is something that I would not wish on anyone. All we can do is try to cure ourselves of acne as best as possible and attempt to go back to the live we had before matee. =/ Its so hard though, I wish you the best of look.
  6. Need Solutions

    Vanessa's Personal Regimen

    Ive read through some of your posts and totally understand the constant obsessing about your skin all the time. It's like this with me aswell and its constantly in my mind, worrying about how I look, What foods to eat, scared to put things on my face im just thinking about how horrible my face looks all the time . Thanks for recommending that moisturizer to me and I think im going to buy it and just start putting it on because my skin is just getting worse all the time with me just leaving it
  7. This is such a sad story. =( I understand exactly how you feel even though I havent been going through this for very long.
  8. Yeh man your skin is good just to add to whats already been said. If I walked past you in the street I would definately not think of you as having an acne problem. I think them red marks will just gradually fade over weeks and months without doing anything at all to them. From your posts I expected it to be 10000000X worse than that. I understand 100% how we all see our skin as been 10x worse than it really is but you genuinely have nothing to worry about and I mean that. Wish you all th
  9. From what ive been reading this seems to be the case. Ive been to the doctors and 2 different dermatologists and they have both suggested/purscribed me doxycycline (an antibiotic) I really dont think this is the solution at all for the reasons you have stated here, so I wont be taking them. Yet doctors and my mom n dad seem to think by not taking these "I think I know better than the experts" and "ive read some stuff on the internet and not to believe stuff you read on the internet" and
  10. Im going through a very similar thing mate, hating life, constant severe depression, wandering if anything will ever be alright again. =/
  11. Need Solutions

    Has Using Harsh Cleansers Destroyed My Skin...

    Our society has only recently started cleansing obsessively. My grandparents generation, people only bathed every few days, and women only washed their hair once a week! Cleansers were much simpler. Now we have people who try to wash their face 2-3 times a day, shower every day, etc. Cleansing is good but there is no scientific proof that cleansing obsessively is better for you. You strip your skin of natural oils and disrupt the acid mantle which your skin needs to protect itself. I bathe or s
  12. What gets me through the day is the thought of going to sleep at night so I dont have to think about life.
  13. Need Solutions

    Lots Of Blackheads Would Like Some Help

    Lmao. One day your face is just going to melt from all these things you do to it.
  14. Need Solutions

    Hydrating Very Clog Prone Dry Skin.

    Some people have dry skin that just seems unable to clear out its own pores. If this is the case you can still get tons of blackheads, they just develop very slowly from miniscule amounts of oil. I actually find that when my skin is moisturized, my skin is better able to keep itself unclogged. This is why OCM works for many people. We actually have too little oil, not too much. A dry pore will catch everything in it. My skin does get oily 7/8 hours after washing, but still feels tight and dehyd
  15. You need to stop worrying about every little thing wrong with your skin, By keep trying to put different creams on every little thing that pops up you are probably just making things worse, if its only something small just leave it and it will go away on its own. I bet nobody can even notice it and I bet even if they could you would still look beautiful so dont worry about every little detail and be happy and it will probably be gone in a day or two =) Have a nice day Thank you, you