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  1. Hey guys! sorry for the late post haha. ive been really busy with school and haven't had much time. Anyways im at day 99 and im so happy ive seen major improvements with my skin! my tone is more even, my skin is less oily and i have basically no blemishes! I'm so glad RAM is working so well! As well as retin-a micro ive changed up my regiman once again haha. Now im using a "La Roche-Posay" cleanser. it says effaclar on the bottle so im guessing thats the name lol. along with that im using dalaci
  2. michaelbrandon96

    IMG 0697[1]

    Woah your skin looks amazing! how were you able to get rid of redness so fast!?
  3. try the avene thermal water! it helped with my extreme flakiness and you can use it to set your make up! its great for your skin and doesnt leave you all shiny like most moisturisers do!
  4. Hey Don't worry ive been there trust me! those days might seem like the longest most painful days and emotionally it takes such a toll on you but it gets so much better. Im on day 73 of retin a micro and honestly all i have to worry about is acne marks which compared to my disgusting pizza face i had is such a step up! youre self esteem and everything will shoot up in no time! just keep your head high and smile through it
  5. im so happy im not the only one! haha but im changing up my regiman because apparently what i was using was making my skin all crazy so im gonna try this skin regulating regimen :$
  6. Hey guys, so today i was doing a few things (haircut, shopping and what not) so while i was at the shoppers drug mart i was picking up a travel size avene thermal water to keep at school, the lady working asked about what i was using on my skin so i began to tell her. she told me i should try an exfoliant for my skin and i said no just because i thought it would be bad on my skin to over exfoliate... so while i was checking out the cashier was talking to me and telling me that im messing around
  7. michaelbrandon96

    Day 70

    update on my skin's progress while on RAM