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  1. the dairy free diet worked well for me im really upset because i broke today when i had cookies and milk! so bad for you yet so good! haha it took me about a week and a half to two weeks until i really saw results but im happy that i cut the dairy out! all the extra hormones injected into the cows cannot be good!

  2. when looking for a toner, you should try to avoid acid/ alcohol based toners. try looking for something with witch hazel or rose petals. and im a bit confused because i was unaware that you can exfoliate your skin with a toner? i think you may have your information wrong. a toner is used to fill in open pores so bad things cant go in them. If your using an alcohol free toner you can use it both day and night. Im not too sure about differen but clyndamycin doesnt help with scarring it only kills bacteria. I heard that the alcohol based clyndamycin is better though so you may want to check that out! im using that is it does a great job preventing acne :)

  3. hey will, well first of all when you say scrubbing you face, i hope you dont literally do that, the worst thing you can do i over irretate your face and i know from experience the by using a cleanser with a lot of an acne fighting ingredient you may think that youre killing the acne faster but what happens is you dry out your skin so much that your skin feels the need to compensate for all the drying therefore resulting in your overactive oil glands. i recommend a very mild cleanser like a clinique bar soap cleanser and dont lather on your face for more than 10 seconds, thats all you really need. You should try finding a moisturiser i found this really shitty acne moisturiser that does a terrible job fighting acne but is great as a moisturiser. Its very mattefying which if you dont know means like it makes your skin look shine free. and as for those times when youre out and your face gets really shiny, you should try buying blotting pads, which are basically really soft pieces of paper that absorb all the oil from your skin! i know it might take your man card away or some bs like that but i would rather lose my man card than look like a greasy pig. the blotting pads may or may not be expensive but if they are go to the dollar store and buy some tissue paper and cut it out and keep it with you on the go, toilet seat covers work well also. I also found that using an egg mask works well so you should try that :) good luck and tell me how it goes!

  4. from personal experience, yes you can. But i wouldnt advise it just because nodular acne is a b**** to get rid of, doing so may and probably will aggravate the acne making it look more red and swollen. it will also be sore to the touch not for a few hours but maybe for days on end. theres also the risk of scarring, so if you do attempt to please be careful. honestly you should only really pop a pimple if you see the white head but its all up to you. Your body, your choice. :)