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  1. i was told by my family doctor, i never went to a derm. but prior to that i knew cause i did a lot of research on acne. and i was asked if i wanted to do accutane but i was scared so i asked for retin a micro instead and he gladly put me on it! everyones skin is different so maybe your body would react negatively to the RAM so the safest bet is accutane! but its not just the medication, you should think of it as a lifestyle change. stop putting that shit fast food in your body and eat healthy and i know that sometimes i give in and eat it but thats very rare! also change simple things like pop to water and greentea with NO milk and/or sugar. youd be surprised by how much of a difference you would notice :) hope all goes well! and stay strong !!! :)

  2. Hey :) Don't worry ive been there trust me! those days might seem like the longest most painful days and emotionally it takes such a toll on you but it gets so much better. Im on day 73 of retin a micro and honestly all i have to worry about is acne marks which compared to my disgusting pizza face i had is such a step up! youre self esteem and everything will shoot up in no time! just keep your head high and smile through it :)

  3. of course i do :$ im an original fan! <3 and i used to think i had scars but turned out just to be acne marks thank God! so the RAM is really helping fade those away. when my skin is completely smooth im planning to try lemon just to help the acne marks fade faster :) mainly cause i am going into grade 11 so im trying to get nice skin before the start of school, which is why i started the RAM just as school ended :)

  4. i suggest the neutrogena 3-1 hydrating treatment. its supposed to be a topical treatment but it really sucks! i use it as a moisturiser mainly because you dont have to worry about it breaking you out! also i use aloe vera gel its really soothing and will come in handy when/if the time comes when you get flaky and or red! tell me how everything goes! :) all the best!

  5. My regimen is:

    Wash face with a mild clinique soap

    Pat dry with clean towel

    Clean off dirt and whatnot with neutrogena daily cleansing wipes

    Pat dry

    Apply clyndamycin on my face, (I have the alcohol based one though, I heard it works better than the cream/gel)

    Wait for my skin to absorb it

    Use the neutrogena rapid something 3-1 moituriser

    As I go through my day I use the clyndamycin every hour or so, it really helps with my nodular cysts if I have any

    Halfway through the day depending on what I do I may use another daily cleansing pad and I almost always apply the neutrogena 3-1 moisturizer again.

    While I'm getting ready to sleep I wash my face with the soap again and go through my morning routine. After I finish that I wait 20 minutes for my skin to dry and apply 2 pumps of retin-a to my face. It sounds like a lot but its really just a repetitive use of 3 things and retin-a

    Clinique soap: twice; morning and night

    Clydamycin (dalacin): every hour throughout the day (unless I'm out all day)

    Neutrogena 3-1 moituriser: 3 times a day; morning, mid day, night

    Neutrogena daily cleansing pads: 2-3 times/ day

    Retin a: only at night :)