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  1. Undangerous deseases but it always anoye us and want to omite it, an acne is a small desease that usually appear on our face, either thechildren, teenager or even an adult, for the ladies, an acne is disguested thing, besides it disturb, they will feel unconfortable and have no confidance to exist in front of the public. There are so many ways to omit the acne, one of them is by using toothpaste for acne. The function of toothpaste is to keep our tooth with, clean and healt. But there many
  2. An acne is a condition where the pore stopped up so it caused suppuration pocket. Commonly the acne attack the face, but it can also attack the part of the body, like neck, arm. chess, event the hip. The solution to cure it is very important do not do of any kind, like rounding up, crush the acne, or let it dry naturally, then take out the content of the acne after being dry, there are many ways to cure the acne naturally, like using lemon juice for acne scars, tooth paste, carbonated beverage,