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  1. Hello I'm a 21 year old male and finished my accutane treatment exactly one year ago. I know exactly how you feel! I experienced exactly what you're describing and yes, those cysts are really annoying. The acne is purging from underneath your skin and this is probably the worst condition your face will ever be in (fingers crossed). I also understand your attitude and how you don't want to leave the house. I was the same exact way... avoided seeing all my friends and stayed at home until
  2. Hey y'all. I've been done with treatment for a few months. I can't believe how fast the time flew by... if you have any questions please feel free to post in this thread or message me.
  3. ***Month 4 Almost Complete!*** Day 115 Hello! Wow it's been a while since I've updated. First things first, my skin is looking great! I haven't had a new active in almost two weeks and couldn't be happier. Also, my skin feels like a baby's butt lol it's so smooth and soft. The only thing I'm left with now are red marks (I have the PIH too Celia my cheeks are a mess) and I really really can't wait for them to fade. I know it's going to take a while but just having no new actives is incredib
  4. I just read through your log and it looks like you saw results just after your third month... this gives me hope because I'm almost 3 months in and I really want to see noticeable results!! Happy for you
  5. Hey! I'm just a few days ahead of you (day 74) and I'm not seeing significant results yet. Hoping that our skin improves!!!
  6. Day 74 Its been about 2 & a half months since I've started. Things are looking okay, not seeing as much improvement as I would like. I am still breaking out and in two weeks I will officially be on this medication for 3 months. My breakouts are much different from what they used to be. I haven't gotten a single small whitehead in over a month which is quite surprising when I think about it! Instead, I've been getting larger red cysts/bumps that take forever to heal!!! Right now, though, m
  7. Day 55 Hey guys, Sorry it's been a while since I last updated. I'm almost 2 months in and school started so I've been super busy. My skin is looking pretty decent right now. I've had some breakouts (few more cysts) but my acne has progressively slowed down. I no longer get acne as often as I once did and I'm hoping things just get better from here on out. My face also isn't as red as it used to be. I'm not too happy about my results so far but I can't say I'm disappointed yet. My side eff
  8. Day 36 Good news!!! I've been seeing some pretty drastic results... four days and no new breakouts! Also, the old spots on my face are drying up faster than ever and spots are looking less and less red. I thought I was the only one noticing it until my parents mentioned it as well. My skin feels very smooth and I can't feel a single bump under my skin. I really hope it stays this way. I really don't want to jinx it but this is the best my face has looked in a long time. Just a week ago my face
  9. Day 34 No new breakouts!! Old actives are drying up. Could this be the end of the IB phase??? Nosebleed woke me up today -_-
  10. Day 33 Things are looking better No new cysts since I last updated and the other ones seem to be shrinking and are no longer painful. No new whiteheads either. Lips have become more dry though (probably because of the increased dosage). Positive thinking... I like it
  11. ***Day 31*** MONTH ONE COMPLETE Took my first 30 mg (increased dosage from 40mg/day to 60mg/day) pill around noon today. Does anyone know if I have to take the second pill at midnight? I'm taking 30mg/twice a day and I'm guessing I should take one pill every 12 hours or does it not matter? My skin is still looking the same and these cysts are still lurking. The cyst I mentioned on day 16 is now almost completely gone (it's about time). My face has never looked worse and I've never had super 3D
  12. Thanks, yeah I'm trying my hardest to keep my mind off the breakouts. 19? Well I just turned 20 a few weeks ago so it looks like I have someone to compare myself to yeah I definitely agree, I try to stay clean shaven all the time and think its better for my skin. My face is also getting redder (but you probably already know that) and it looks like I'm exactly 2 weeks ahead of you. Keep me updated and best of luck
  13. Day 28 Not much to report. Woke up with a new active near my cheek. Since I'm breaking out, this must mean the medicine is working...I hope
  14. Hey guys Sorry it's been a week since I've updated. Time really feels like it's flying by... Day 27 I hate to say it but my face isn't looking very good. Actually, this is probably the worst my face has looked in a very long time. I'm usually not the one to have more than one active cyst on my face (maybe one cyst and lots of pimples/whiteheads in other places) but right now I have 4 active cysts on my face! This is a pretty bad IB. The area around my left cheek bone actually looks bruised/b