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  1. Yeah but if it's only on your face than it's ok. I have been getting them pretty lot lately. I dunno what else to try. It's not like I get whiteheads... So the BP is not an option... When I wash my face my face / body is dry as hell. It's so flaky and horrible. So I put the moisturizer on and it's ok. But then it's so oily and all my pores clog up... I must have something fucked up there cos when I push it out I can see like 3 hairs in it.. I want it stop so badly .
  2. Well, I got those too... I have them everywhere.... My hands, chest, face, back... Looks like rice and it usually comes out when pressed with the hair attached to it... Isn't it like te hair shaft or so? 90% of them are with the hair
  3. Lack of sleep doesn't cause acne, however a late night seems to really show in my face and make acne seem worse. That's another perk of being acne free, those who are can get away with burning the candle at both ends and still look great. Yeah but I woke up at 3 and then was in a car for 10 hours... And then I got several pimples on my face cos I was so tired and then it got better that new pimples weren't creating as much as they did on the day I left.. Do u understand what I mean? Because eve
  4. Do you get acne when you don't get enough sleep? I went abroad and I had to wake up early and slept for like 4 hours and then the other day I was all tired, pink and feeling like its gonna result I acne and now I got acne breakout.... feeling hopeless
  5. Hey berserkaf, well I tried loads of them and nothing has worked... Cos now my skin is so sensitive after trying the BP so for example If I wear a bag on my shoulder it peeling like crazy... And now I have been having the peeling skin for like 2 weeks. But still, under the peeling the skin is oily .... and I have been moisturizing it a lot... Hey Oilygirl1980, well for face I use Bioderma Sebium gel moussant and for the body I have been using Palmolive naturals shower gel milk.. It's moistur
  6. Hi, I have got some pics for you... Every my pore is blocked with this stuff. I dont no what my condition is cause the doctors just said oily skin... But if I press it out, this comes out and it's top is a hair.. SO its like a grain of sth with a hair... Could anyone help how to treat this? I have that literally all over me.
  7. Hi, I was wondering wheter anyone has been prescribed Acutane for oily skin? Mine is really oily all over the body... Doctors told me that I have enlarged pores and acne usually develops there.. Lately I have been reading thru the Internet and I might have those bloody sebaceous filaments all over my body - its mostly on my chest which drives me nuts cos its in every hair on my chest... So I'd like to ask whether anyone used Acutane for that purpose. My doctor told me that Acutane is only for re
  8. Skin all over my body is so oily that I really dont know how to take care of it... My face is like the worst, but when it comes to arms, chest, back, legs, it's just horrible... All over my body, I must have the sebacceous fillaments or what is that called, cause to have blackheads on forearm is highly unlikely... What would you suggest using? I mosturize using Excipial U Hydrolotio, cos I'm scared of jojoba oil... When I wash my face with Bioderma Sebium, it got so used to hydrating it after th
  9. Just dont't touch it. Hydrate the skin with Excipial U Hydrolotio and then apply benzoyl perodixe. Everytime I touch my neck or I get 1 pimple there and I tend to scratch it and then I have like 2-3 more... So the first thing is to STOP touching . Hope this helps.
  10. I don't steam my face... I am scared to try it cos my face is now quite okay... I do have the stubborn blackheads but fortunatelly no whitehead atm. Which, however, changes every day and dunno why... I tend to get whiteheads or clogged pores more on my body than face .. I'm trying to use salicid acid, but the products in my country suck... You have like 1% of salicid acid in the product (
  11. I have been diagnosted with that by one doctor but that's nonsense... KP isnt on like oily skin and when u push the stuff out it doesn't look like what I have ... Yeah, I have tried Retin A cream... No success ...
  12. yeah I could do that but I got that like everywhere on my skin.... :/
  13. Hi there, I'm not exfoliating. My skin gets so damaged as I have tried. I used like peeling creams on my face and it made my face even worse and was so dry. No I only wash with gel designed for young ppl and then put excipial u hydrolotion I n my face & body. I must say that my ypoer back is now better. It used to be like sandpaper but nw it's smooth. Maybe from the proper hydration. However, my chest broke up a week ago and can't fetch it under control. Now using akneroxid but still breakin
  14. Hi guys, I've just wanted to ask you... My skin is very f....... up . I have like clogged pores everywhere on my body... Starting from my face and ending at my legs... It's really hard to live with because whatever activity I do I break out... I used to have a lot of pimples as well but now my problem is clogged pores or whatever it is. When I push it out, usually hard waxy plug comes out together with a hair! Which is kinda confusing... Could anyone help me how to treat that? I have tried every