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  1. I pick as well and I'm not sure whether the increased picking has led to an increase in acne or vice-versa. It is a huge time suck in that I would actually set my alarm clock one hour early in order to get ready for work. Often the mornings started out with a full face scan in the regular mirror and then straight to a magnifying mirror and from there I would grab my tweezers and try to remove whatever I felt needed removing and quite often didn't stop until something started bleeding and when
  2. I pick too. I make promises to stop but trying to stop causes me stress and then I pick even more. My problem is, a few pimples won't heal because I pull the scabs off with tweezers twice a day. My face hurts. I feel ashamed and I really don't want to interact with people. I am on Doxy right now. I also have Retin A and BP. The last two just aggravate my skin and I wind up picking at the dried skin so I'm not using them. I'm a 48 year old female. In menopause and on Tamoxifen because I a