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  1. Day 5 BREAKOUT ugh. How depressing. I've been clear for months but now my skin is freaking out. My chin particularly is going mad. I'm getting blackheads where I never had them. I'm using only the cleanser she gave me, the CPs and I used a little jojoa oil on my itchy jaw and cheeks (not breaking out there) so I'm not sure whats causing it. Still too dry, flaky and itchy to start BP, I'm thinking of trying emu oil now... any suggestions?
  2. thank you, I've seen a couple people mention tumeric,will look more into it
  3. I'm curious if you have seen any improvement now, after a few months? I just had my first rolling treatment, i didn't have those amazing "after" shots from micro swelling. I'm trying to determine how much success can be assumed from a dermaroll.... do you see the greatest improvement 2 months later? or immediately after? I understand collagen stimulation takes time. Has anyone found that they didn't look so great after rolling, but saw results later?
  4. Day 4 ITCHING!!! ugh it is worse than the rolling lol. I want to use my emu oil so bad but was told it is too soothing so I'm just suffering with it. I'm back on super cp and doing the LED's. The redness is down significantly. Am getting more angry irritated pimples on my chin.. I hope they calm down soon. I'm flaking some- dark skin with bright pink skin underneath. A little tenderness in a few spots to the touch. The moisturizer they gave me at the salon burns so I won't use it. I'm thinking m
  5. Day 3... I'm not a lot less red than I was yesterday... though more of the "bad sunburn" look they spoke of more than the chemical burn lol. I have a lot of itching and a little peeling. Some irritable whiteheads (I get them when my skin gets irritated like with a cold and using tissues on my nose) I used LED red and infrared lights today as well as the super cop. The super cop burned a bit so I may wait another day or two to try it again, I still have some tender spots. I'll continue the LED's
  6. It doesn't hurt to cut a food type out of your diet one at a time and watch your response. It was very helpful for me, not just in terms of my acne but in overall health. It wouldn't hurt to try a month with out it and see your individual response.. then go down the list of other common culprits.
  7. Its good you found your source, I think everyone is different, that is what makes it so difficult... there is *one* answer for every person. I sure wish there was. I would prefer an easy answer over the constant trial and error
  8. I don't know if this is helpful but I've read a few sources that jawline acne is a result of digestive issues (constipation) It makes me wonder how much acne in general is an overflow of toxins in general.
  9. I've gotten my face mostly clear. I only have an occasional pimple. Blackheads... I can't seem to get rid of. I was clear enough to start rolling for scars (another post- I started to document my results) I still have some issues on my shoulders- so I'd be happy to find any other dietary component. I know it is partially hormonal. Other changes I have made- the acne.org regimen until cleared up some, then CPs with exfoliants (Skin Biology's website trial pack for scarring) actually improves my
  10. I believe she used hibiclens on me before and after Haha no ur not lecturing.. kate was going on bout being negative n her not lecturing.... I love ur post, keep it up!! I'm still learning how to post lol... if I misreference something I apologize. I did use the caveat that I *am* a noob lol. Thanks, I'll figure it out eventually
  11. aww I'm not lecturing. I know a lot are reading.. and I bear that in mind with my posts. I don't want anyone thinking to run out and get a 2.5, not knowing how to clean and sterilize and damaging themselves. Unfortunately there are some who do not put in the meticulous time to research things before they do it. There is a lot of desperation over the topic. I don't want anyone to misunderstand anything I'm posting. I know that a lot achieve results with home rolling, it just isn't my choice at th
  12. I COMPLETELY agree, I would not go over a 1.5 with home use. Do not want infection or more damage. I would also get the Highest quality roller you can get and even at 1.5, use the most extreme cleanliness precautions. This is a medical procedure, and needs to be respected as such.
  13. I've already eliminated sugar from my diet for about 2-3 years (I cheat maybe once a month) I've eliminated most wheat/gluten from my diet ( did 4 months gluten free first) and the dairy seemed to follow behind (seems I eat my dairy with wheat) I still feel like there is a dietary component that I might be missing. I went back to yogurt when I realized it wasn't the dairy. I also have chronic headaches (lots of inflammation symptoms here) so I was curious if there is something else I'm missing.
  14. Day After pics. I promised pics, those reading will get sick of looking at them lol. I do still want to get the ones from the salon under the harsh fluorescents, but I hope these all give enough of an idea. You can see the white on my chin.. ready to just slough off.. the brown spots on my jawline on right side and still really quite red- you can see how pale I am too. Thank you- updated with lots of before, after and next day pics
  15. ok pics as I promised- Eeeek. Again- I don't think these show very well the extent of my scarring but will post anyway Today is tight and itchy, flaking on my chin, some brown spotting on my right cheek, still some spotty looking blood in a few places- oozing has pretty much stopped I wish you huge luck in it. This process is definitely one in patience and and tenacity. But I bear in mind it took years for me to look like this- It is going to take time for it to be undone. 2.0 is actually wh