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  1. Hi Hayden, sorry for the late reply. How did the ACV recipe work for you? In addition, some users take 2 tbsp of ACV 2-3 time per day to keep their skin clear. I mix it with water and sip with a straw so the ACV doesn't touch my teeth. It is great that you asked about lemon and honey mask! Check out the reviews > Acne/Spot Treatments > Manuka Honey Reviews. Both ingredients are natural forms of alpha hydroxy acids, which is great for speeding up the exfoliation process. Hon
  2. The discoloration is several skin layers deep so sloughing away dead skin cells on a consistent basis + time + patience should reveal a brighter and more smoother complexion. You may want to compliment your use of a retinoid (adapalene in Epiduo) with a glycolic acid. Some users use both. They see results with glycolic acid "overnight." Retinol takes longer because it's working on a deeper level; at least a month to see visible results. You can try the glycolic acid in the AM and use the
  3. Keep up the great articles!