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  1. Thank you so much for all of this information! I currently use a Glycolic/Salicylic Cleanser for my face. Do you know of a prescription medicine that contains glycolic acid that I could ask my dermatologist for? Also have you had any experience with honey and lemon face masks? I've read that they do wonders in shedding away the dead skin to get rid of the marks. Thank you again for so much help! Hayden In the meantime I am definitely going to try your mask recipe!
  2. Hey! I'm 16 and finally went to a dermatologist for my acne about 6 months ago. I currently use Aczone in the morning, Epiduo at night, and take 100mg of Minocycline twice a day. I also wash my face with a Gly/Sal cleanser twice a day. Anyway, I am currently very contempt with my skin and have flattened out my numerous bumps, but I have TONS of discoloration all over my face that isn't noticeable when far away (which is nice), but when up close/in a magnified mirror/in a picture, my face